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Congrats! Your poster has been accepted for Wikimania 2019[edit source]

Hi さえぼー,
Congratulations! Your poster has been accepted for Wikimania 2019. Now what?
Start designing your poster. Remember that this is an academic poster, not a promotional one: this means that you have to share insights, technical aspects, numbers, and any technical information that would allow a participant to understand your process better. For more information about academic posters, and examples that will inspire you, please visit the Poster session page.
If you'd like us to print the poster for you, please send it by Sunday, July 21st. We'll also take care of bringing the poster to the conference, and this option is at no cost to you. Find information about where to send your poster here.
Finally, on the day of the poster session, remember that every poster presenter is expected to stand by their poster and engage session participants in conversation about it. We will not display posters whose presenters are not in the room at the time of the session.
Thank you for submitting a proposal and making Wikimania more diverse! We look forward to seeing you in a few months,
María Cruz

Wikipedia conspiracy theory in Japan[edit source]

Thank you for your presentation at Wikimania 2021.

May I have a copy of your presentation and any publications you think might be relevant? (If something is not in English, that's now acceptable as long as I can use something like Google Translate on the text.)

Second, I've published some crudely related articles on Wikiversity:

I'd be pleased to get your feedback -- and correction / improvements, which is why the articles are on Wikiversity. AND I could use collaborator(s) in preparing articles of this nature for refereed academic journals. (I have a PhD in statistics with books, patents, published technical papers on my resume, most of them in joint with others. Since this material is not primarily statistical, I've focused on organizing my thoughts and research and have not invested much time in looking for academic research journals that might like to publish some of this material. I think some of it is publishable, but I could use collaborators.)

Thanks, DavidMCEddy (talk) 10:50, 16 August 2021 (UTC)Reply