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Draft page directory[edit source]

Draft page directory with proposed future and comments; feel free to edit, discuss and fill out

Page Keep Modify Remove Comment Outcome
Main Page x The main page is the foundation of the Wikimania Wiki, and it has to look welcoming and attractive. Someone interested in graphics and CSS should try to make such a template that could easily be reused to as high an extent as possible each year. Wikimania - at the end of each year, it should be moved to the appropriate year's namespace, e.g. 2019:Wikimania or 2019:Main Page (current redirect)
Program x The program will probably be hard to make reusable each year, because it differs so much both in content and setting. Annual subpages, e.g. 2019:Program design
Registration x Probably not the page that needs the most complex and graphically attractive layout. Annual subpages
Sponsorship x The attempt from Wikimedia Sweden is to make this less of a list and more of a narrative to sell. A proposal is in the making. Annual subpages
Orientation x The local information seems arbitrarily divided up into many different subpages. A proposal is to make a more collected version that could also work in PDF format.
Social events x
Preconference x
Hackathon x
Community Village x
Meetups x
Accommodation x See comment on orientation.
Attendees x Remove or remake into a more feasible format.
Visas x
Volunteer x Volunteer



Friendly space x Need to import wm2018:Friendly space and translations
Venue x ? ?
Local transport x See comment on orientation.
Travel tips x See comment on orientation.
Local Tour Options x See comment on orientation.
Water shortage x No water shortage in Sweden planned.
Environmental Impact x Idea to remake into a larger comment on connection to sustainability.
Postconference activitites x See comment on orientation.
Press x
Contact x

Pages that probably need to be moved from Mainspace to Annual namespace[edit source]

(along with their translated subpages)


Can probably be left in mainspace and reused/tweaked each year

Namespaces[edit source]

Namespace No. Talk namespace No. Subpages? Use
Main 0 Talk 1 yes This namespace holds the basic structural pages of Wikimania
2019 128 2019 talk 129 yes Content for the 2019 Wikimania in Stockholm
2018 126 2018 talk 127 yes Proposed content for 2018 Wikimania in Capetown
2017 124 2017 talk 125 yes Proposed content for 2017 Wikimania
2016 122 2016 talk 123 yes Proposed content for 2016 Wikimania
2015 120 2015 talk 121 yes Proposed content for 2015 Wikimania
2014 118 2013 talk 119 yes Proposed content for 2014 Wikimania
2013 116 2013 talk 117 yes Proposed content for 2013 Wikimania
2012 114 2012 talk 115 yes Proposed content for 2012 Wikimania
2011 112 2011 talk 113 yes Proposed content for 2011 Wikimania
2010 110 2010 talk 112 yes Proposed content for 2010 Wikimania
2009 108 2009 talk 109 yes Proposed content for 2009 Wikimania
2008 106 2008 talk 107 yes Proposed content for 2008 Wikimania
2007 104 2007 talk 105 yes Proposed content for 2007 Wikimania
2006 102 2006 talk 103 yes Proposed content for 2006 Wikimania
2005 108 2005 talk 101 yes Proposed content for 2005 Wikimania
User 2 User talk yes user-related pages
Wikimania 4 Wikimania talk 5 yes Project-related pages
Mediawiki 8 Mediawiki talk 9 no System-related pages
Template 10 Template talk 11
Help 12 Help talk 13 yes Help pages
Category 14 Category talk yes Category page
Module 828 Module talk 829 no Advanced coding can be undertaken with the Extension:Scribunto implementation of Lua
Translation 1198 Translation talk 1199 yes Components of <translate>'d pages