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会议议程包括多个事项;从用于和编写 Wikimania 的会议软件到后勤保障的时间规划,以及通讯频道和国际合作等。

信息[edit source]

维基页面是如何建立起来的? Do we still want to use colons in the wikimania page-names? Should there be another semi-private wiki for storing private information, or some other database-backed site? Should the conference website be [entirely, at all] a wiki?

Should there be a list set up for last year's attendees to get in touch with one another? Should they be encouraged to join wikimania-l? Add your own questions here... (and perhaps add them to the agenda for the next meeting :)

会议系统[edit source]

What kind of conference software will we use? Specifically, for a) registration, b) paper submission & review, c) speaker allocation


See also DMOZ-Category and del.icio.us-tag

参见recent Slashdot discussion of Open Source conference management software.

会议[edit source]

For other notes and archives from meetings, see Wikimania_2006/Notes
General discussion:

November 5, at 22:00 UTC. (Minutes)
November 19, at 16:00 UTC. (Minutes)
December 10, at 22:00 UTC. (Minutes)

Program discussion:

11月23日, at 22:00 UTC (Minutes)
1月29日, at 23:59 UTC (Minutes)
Followup: January 31, 23:00 (Notes)
February 4, 22:00 UTC (Minutes)

Items demanding immediate attention : identifying general, program, and technical teams.

进一步的会议[edit source]

程序会议 : ?[edit source]

  • Thursday Feb. 16th, 22:30UTC?

Please add your preferred times to meet.

  • Angela: anything other than 1-10pm UTC.
  • phoebe - not 09:00-16:00 UTC; weekends generally best.
  • 22:30 UTC works for me (and anything after 21:00, in fact). Sj 23:13, 11 February 2006 (UTC)

日程安排[edit source]

常务会议[edit source]


日程安排[edit source]
  • Website organization and content (see proposal here)
  • Registration and publicity
  • Team organization
  • Site design and cross-promotion
  • ...

时间线[edit source]