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SESSION SUMMARY[edit | edit source]

WORLD CAFÉ - WIKIMANIA - Group number seven. (10 participants)

A project called Digital First

Merrilee & Tore
  Ingrid (Cape Town), Peter (UNESCO Aruba), Malin, Marika, Linda (Katrineholm), Xavier Cailleau WMFr, Axel Pettersson (WMSE)

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Train all public librarians in Sweden (4000+).
  • Building a platform called Digiteket.se where we can "train the trainers". Launching 29 August.
  • In Sweden we have library act. Every citizen should have access to a library.
  • The projects Digtal First concerns every library in Sweden.
  • Wikipedia is one part of the projects.

A learning platform is under construction and it is called "Digiteket". That is a national plattform.

Disucsion about information literacy frameworks -- using Europena Union framework

Different roles[edit | edit source]

Library managers
what are the auguments that can be used?
  • Part of the skills that one should have in the 21st century
    • Understanding that this is a valuable resource - can help add information that is locally useful / relevant
    • Similar to learning to use Ebsco databases
    • Showcase internal expertise (curators, specialists), collections. About branding and visibility
    • Every librarian should be able to edit
    • Similar to coding skills
  • How common is it for librarians to edit in your environment? Not very widespread
  • Counteract perceptions of inaucuracy

There are are a different between a book and Wikipedia because Wikipedia are a process so it changing.

Often a atarting point is "How do you get your information".

Libraries do not recommend Wikipedia so often.

A survey in Sweden a couple a year ago showed that student use Wikpedia much more than teachers.

It could be like saying "Don't use Google"

Wikipedia is mentioned in the draft in the Swedish Library strategy.

The links in citation can be used to directly and to read direct in books. Two (or more!) options currently in en.wp -- Forward to Libraries or WorldCat.org links

One click could take you to the source or to a library that have the book in their collection.

Writers is not always so found of having the ISBN-number because it can have negative consequences.

OCLC Resources

(program 2017, funded by Knight foundation and WMF)


You can use Wikipedia to check information that you already know in one way and want confirm.

Often you check several sources and therefore Wikipedia (and Google) often is this start.

Introduction should be very easy because some moment in Wikimedia can be a difficult experience.

There must be a braoad understanding what the learning project is about.

As a part of these courses it should also be a learning about how Wikipedia and Wikimedia works. This is because of the understandning of the whole system – like how books are produced.

Material from the project can be used in other countries via Wiki-Translation

The material can be replicated to other chapters

There can be an extra motivation to be a part of an international movement.