2021:Submissions/An overview of the COVID-19-related content of Wikimedia projects

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Slides are available via doi:10.5281/zenodo.5201623.

Speakers[edit | edit source]

Netha Hussain, Daniel Mietchen

Abstract[edit | edit source]

The Wikimedia content related to COVID-19 has been read over 80 million times and and edited by thousands of volunteer editors. This talk is about the growth and development of COVID-19 related content on Wikimedia, particularly Wikipedia and Wikidata. How could Wikimedia volunteers react to the COVID-19 crisis swiftly and create such a large body of mostly credible information? What are some of the initiatives surrounding content related to COVID-19? What challenges did the volunteers face during the process of content creation related to COVID-19 and how can these challenges be addressed in the future? This talk will address these questions and present a general overview of the COVID-19 related content on Wikimedia projects.

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • A recording of the session is available on Youtube

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