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2021:Submissions/Community content planning for lesser-resourced wikis

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Ziko van Dijk


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"There are wikis of affluence, such as English Wikipedia: many million of people in the world speak English as a first or foreign language. Other wikis have lesser resources. They are created in a small linguistic community, or they are 'specialist' of some kind. Take for example the Klexikon. It is a wiki encyclopedia in German with children as the target group. How can you create quality content with only a dozen of collaborators? Through community content planning: The Klexikon community has high notability standards (what content is really relevant for children?) and decides together about new articles - *before* an article is written! In our opinion, the Klexikon processes can make a real difference also if applied in other wikis."

Session Outcomes

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  • Have a meaningful discussion in your wiki community about content.
  • Improve your wiki by better content.

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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