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Just a little about me

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You will find me at my English Wikipedia page

My name, given here, is pronounced Auntie Kate.

I edited like a mad thing for the start of last year - the whole first half of the year before the pandemic and working from home and all got the better of me. It's time to reboot and start again for 2021. I am still adding to my to do list faster than I can create articles.

My goal is to make it so that when you look for people who do X you get a fair number of women in the list and not just men. This means improving the number of women who have articles on Wikipedia.

I have a particular interest in Irish women and have focused on revolutionaries, pioneers and writers but I will take on any woman I find interesting or notable.

If you are interested in joining me, I work with Women in Red but I also have a bunch of links to how to guides on how to edit and pages of who to edit.

If you are new to Wikipedia I will help if I can, just ask,

Wikimania attendance

[edit | edit source]

2021 Wikimania was online so I was able to attend. The following are the panels I know I was at (I caught the ends of a few others while I waited for another to start or where I accidentally wandered into a room and stayed to watch the rest....)

And of course, I was part of 2021:Submissions/Can we rid Wikipedia of its content gender gap? Views from Women in Red