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2021:Submissions/Contribution Gamification in Wikimedia Projects - The Chinese Wikipedia Experience

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I will talk about the basics of the annual contest in Chinese Wikipedia. Comparing to other contests such as "Wiki Loves" series, the annual contest is unique by having an RPG-like scoring and rewarding system to stimulate participation. Participants are scored dynamically article-by-article by factoring the length and quality of each article submitted in contest. At the end of the contest, there are no single winner - almost everyone is rewarded with graded awards.

The contest has been in place for over a decade and met with success - very high editor retention between editions, participant satisfaction and measurable content improvements. Elements of the contest can be adopted in different Wikimedia projects and communities.

Session Outcomes

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  • This session is steered towards experienced contributors who are planning to organise contests and game-like rewards in communities
  • After completing the session, participants should be able to...
    • Understand the basics of running a contest
    • Understand how to include RPG-like rewarding system to a contest (or to a editing community in general)
    • Realise common issues organisers may face in a contest and how to mitigate them

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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