2021:Submissions/Education, Wikimedia Projects and Digital Literacy during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

  • Erlan Vega Wikimedia Bolivia
  • Rocío Aravena Wikimedia Chile
  • Florencia Claes Wikimedia España

Abstract[edit | edit source]

Throughout 2020 and 2021 Wikimedia chapters and user groups in Mexico, Latin America and Spain developed different strategies to implement Wikimedia projects as pedagogical tools in secondary and higher level. In this session we propose to address and discuss the different strategies that education programs and local wikimedia chapters developed to support their educational community with tools according to their needs and contexts.

Description[edit | edit source]

During the isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the hybrid modalities in which the school and university formal year had to be carried out in each country. Wikimedia chapters and user groups in Mexico, Latin America and Spain had to develop different pedagogical proposals from Wikimedia projects that provides teachers the support both in the use of tools from free and open knowledge, as well as in the production of knowledge from their own realities. This situation of mandatory virtuality implied great challenges for families, teachers and students. In this track we propose to know and share the different experiences, free resources generated and alliances created between the Wikimedia movement and local organizations and institutions, that accompanied a process that promoted the digital literacy of educational communities through Wikimedia projects, especially Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata. During the session, we will share the proposals that contributed to a process of digital citizenship in an interdisciplinary way and through collaborative proposals at secondary and higher education levels. We will have on the one hand, the participation of Wikimedia Mexico, Wikimedia Chile, Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Bolivia and Wikimedia Spain, as well as the experience of specialists, teachers and key allies who have accompanied the implementation of Wikimedia projects in educational settings during the context of the global health crisis.

Learning Outcomes[edit | edit source]

To learn about experiences related to education and digital literacy developed in different regions. To learn together with others strategies to respond to emergency contexts and continue deepening the use of wikimedia projects. Share challenges and new experiences to generate common frameworks in contexts where there is no good access to internet and devices. To learn how to broaden alliances and establish a community linked to work on Wikimedia projects from educational experiences.

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