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2021:Submissions/Importance of reliable sources: citing dictionaries, glossaries and atlas as an example

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Nowadays, a web page can be created in no time. Easily, everyone can establish a website! Fake news and misinformation are only the direct results of that. For ordinary users, it becomes harder to define what a reliable source is. In this context, we started an initiative to provide a list of reliable sources to Arabic-speaking users. The initiative covers different perspectives, and terminology is one of them. With the help of national archives, we created a list of dictionaries that includes more than 620 items in more than 20 disciplines. The work also covers glossaries and atlases into Arabic and from it. We are looking forward to linking the list we created to Wikidata items to ensure optimal use by all communities

Session Outcomes

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  1. Getting to know the meaning of reliable sources.
  2. Availability to access the list
  3. Encourage users to have reliable resources in their languages.
  4. Improve Wikidata information about books and authors

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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