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2021:Submissions/Inuka projects: designing products for users in growing Wikimedia communities

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As internet users continue to grow across the world, it is increasingly important that we help people discover & participate in Wikimedia projects in a way that will be useful to them. Within communities that are discovering internet as a very visual experience through small mobile devices, the challenge is particularly more complex, & educational. Wikimedia Foundation's Inuka team has been on a journey of discovery to learn from users in these communities, & uncover the potential that their mobile devices hold in expanding their participation in Wikimedia projects. In this session, we will talk about the projects developed by the Inuka team, how we approached them through intensive research, lessons learnt so far, & upcoming explorations.

Session Outcomes

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Attendees will learn the various considerations taken to design experiences for underserved users who we want to welcome to the movement

Attendees will learn about the Inuka team's work aimed to grow Wikipedia readership

Attendees will learn of upcoming explorations

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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