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2023:Expo space/Wikimedians for Sustainable Development

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This is the expo space page for Wikimedians for Sustainable Development.

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Panel discussion Roundtable - Social meetup
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If you find talks related to our user group's mission add date and time when decided and sort them chronologically, use the {{SDG inline}} template to indicate which SDGs it aligns best with.


[edit | edit source]
  • Gender equality  WikiWomen Opening (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  #VisibleWikiWomen Lab: fostering multilingual and decolonizing structured data narratives on Wikimedia Commons (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  WikiWomen open discussion - Language diversity & gender (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  Contributing Women's Voices: The Wikiwomen Taiwan Journey (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  Women and Gender Workshop - Organizing WikiWomen Meetups (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  I am a (Wiki)woman in love (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  Femme et leadership dans les projets Wikimédia en Afrique: Wiki Wake Up Afrique une opportunité (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  Women and Gender Workshop - Organizing WikiWomen Meetups (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  I am a (Wiki)woman in love (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  Collaborative on-wiki events planning at Women in Red's Virtual Ideas Cafe (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  #VisibleWikiWomen Photobooth: Creating a feminist space to document our gender, race, and body plurality at Wikimania (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  WikiWomen Open Discussion - Gender organizing (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  The WikiWomen Summit 2023 (eventyay)


[edit | edit source]
  • Reduced inequalities  Diverse inclusivity makes a healthy community: A helping hand (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Wikipedia Education Program in primary schools for girls in Jordan (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Teaching with Wikidata: A Resource for Educators and Students (eventyay)
  • Good health and well-being  Relaunch of Healthcare Translation (eventyay)
  • Good health and well-being  WikiCite and Scholia for medicine and beyond (eventyay)
  • Climate action  63% done - 365 climate edits (eventyay)
  • Good health and well-being  Let us upgrade medical practice with Wikidata (eventyay)


[edit | edit source]
  • Climate action  [Not live streamed] Wikimedia Foundation's Environmental Sustainability Report 2022 (eventyay)
  • Quality education  What I've learned from my 5-years PhD journey: Exploring Wikidata as a learning platform (eventyay)
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions  [Not live streamed] When public becomes private and everybody is a suspect - freedom of expression in early 21st century (eventyay)
  • Climate action  Why tackling climate change needs open science and culture (eventyay)
  • Reduced inequalities  Embracing Open Knowledge: Preserving Diversity and Access for Future Generations (Ms. Maki Katsuno-Hayashikawa, UNESCO Representative to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Timor Leste) (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Exploring the Potential of Wikimedia Commons to Promote OER Among Educators in Indonesia (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  Modelling, mapping and bridging knowledge gaps in gender and diversity (eventyay)
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions  Wiki Loves Local Laws too (eventyay)
  • Climate action  Sharing insights from the UK's first residency for Climate (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  Art+Feminism Meetup (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Offline Education Discussion (eventyay)
  • Life on land  Wikispecies and Wikidata: Where next? (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Wikidata for Education (eventyay)
  • Partnerships for the goals Joining forces: Partnering with intergovernmental organizations creates new opportunities for the Wikimedia movement (eventyay)
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions  Add your country to the Wikidata Govdirectory
  • Gender equality  Insights from Wikimedia Commons: Gender and cultural diversity in images (eventyay)
  • Climate action  Exploring the feasibility of Wikimedia Projects in addressing the triple planetary crisis - Perespective from the Global South (eventyay)
  • Quality education  How to expand the Education Program Partnership in your local community (eventyay)
  • Good health and well-being  Lightning Talk Showcase on Linked Open Data, Research, Science and Medicine (eventyay)
  • Good health and well-being  Wikimedians as information intermediaries for COVID-19 (eventyay)


[edit | edit source]
  • Quality education  Higher Education networking and meetup (eventyay)
  • Quality education  The Future of Wiki in Education: What we've learned from the EDUWiki Conference in May and next steps (eventyay)
  • Climate action  OpenClimate: Massive Collaboration To Track Greenhouse Gas Emissions (eventyay)
  • Climate action  #semanticClimate: Making climate knowledge accessible using Wikidata (eventyay)
  • Life on land  Wiki Loves Earth International — 10 years of experience (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Wikeys, a pedagogical game to discover Wikipedia (eventyay)
  • Partnerships for the goals Collaboration is the Key to Unlocking Innovation – A Cross-Affiliate Collaboration to Build an Innovation Format for the Movement (eventyay)
  • Quality education  10 things Basques have done in the last 5 years: a review of our Education initiatives (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Sharing EduWiki Stories with community leaders (eventyay)
  • Sustainable cities and communities  Wiki Loves Monuments organizers Q&A (eventyay)
  • Gender equality  WikiWomen's Lunch (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Edit-a-thons in higher education: implementation, competence and skill development opportunities (eventyay)
  • Partnerships for the goals Data Partnerships and the Future of Linked Open Data (eventyay)
  • Climate action  WikiSihat and WHO (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Wiki Training for Boarding School (eventyay)
  • Life on land  [In Person Only Session] Biodiversity in underrepresented languages using crowdsourcing (eventyay)
  • Quality education  Transforming Education in Nigeria: The Power of Reading Wikipedia (eventyay)

Other events

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