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Date[edit | edit source]

Saturday, August 19th, 2023

Time[edit | edit source]

14:15 - 16:30 SGT (06:15 - 08:30 UTC)

Facilitators[edit | edit source]

Venue[edit | edit source]

Plenary hall (401/402)

How will it work[edit | edit source]

To present your project at the showcase, please fill out the following information in the etherpad.

  • Title of your project
  • Phabricator task for your project
  • Brief description of your project (2-3 lines)
  • Relevant links to your project (demo videos, web pages, etc.)
  • Contact information for your project
  • Presenting in-person or remotely:
  • Status of your project (e.g., early concept, ready for beta deployment, production, etc.)
  • Whether you are okay with being recorded (Yes/No)

The deadline to sign up for the showcase is Saturday, August 19th, at 11:00 SGT (3:00 UTC). Please add your project details to the Etherpad before the deadline.

Important information for presenters[edit | edit source]

Detailed instructions on how to prepare your presentation can be found in the etherpad linked above. It's important you follow them to ensure a smooth showcase for everyone.

Add your project here[edit | edit source]

Projects presented at the showcase session at Wikimania Hackathon 2023:

No Title Link to phabricator Description Relevant Links Contact(s) Status
1 User Script to enable 3D Models category in Commons main section phab:T344227 During the discussion with wikimedians in the hackathon, A thought came around 3D models and to promote the 3D content on commons we thought of creating a user script for the Wikimedia Commons to add 3D Models on main section as they are different from Images, Videos and Sounds. Ready to use
2 ToolForge Health Dashboard Tool phab:T341379 After exploring the list of tools on Toolhub and noticing that many tools on Toolforge are inactive, I believe it would be valuable to have a centralized dashboard that displays the health status of all deployed tools on ToolForge. WIP
3 Wikisource text annotator Wikisource text annotator is a javascript which can fetch a list of Wikidata labels for selected word(s) in a Wikisource text and help users to find the correct items from them to link so that users can link them to the Wikidata item through a specific template, which will link the word with corresponding Wikisource page, if not present then, Wikipedia article, if not present then, Commons page and if none of them present, then the Reasonator page. This can work on both NS:0 and page namespace without opening the edit tab. Currently as userscript on Bengali Wikisource
4 Wikipedia 1.0 toolset new selection tool WP1 toolset helps to build selections of articles from Wikipedia. The most visible part for Wikipedians is the WP1bot which assists Wikiprojects in their article assessment work. We have released the latest features which allow anybody to make easily their selections of articles and even create offline versions of them in the ZIM portable format (readable by Kiwix for example). Production (but beta testing)
5 QID on Navigation Popups phab:T243820 Navigation Popups is a widely-used gadget on many wikis, yet it lacks the ability to view the Wikidata item for a specific page. The introduced changes adds the Wikidata link and QID to the popup. Relatively minor change, but the task has been open for three years and it's been requested for nine. Production
6 Special:Investigate was broken on all wikis?! phab:T344403 NSpecial:Investigate, a CheckUser extension special page, was broken on all wikis for at least a week. A quick fix was needed, but this breakage should have been caught earlier. Fixed on all wikis via backport
7 OATHAuth multiple devices DB work phab:T242031 The OATHAuth database structure no longer blocks making it support multiple different device types (for example a security key and backup codes). Working on production schema changes
8 Add edit count and user creation date to Special:Contributions phab:T324166 During the 2022 Wishlist, request #45 was to add a user's edit count to the Special:Contributions page, so that a third party tool such as XTools isn't needed in order to see edit counts. While we're at it, let's add the account creation date. Merged, will deploy on Thursday
9 Twitter to Commons phab:T228140 Twitter to Commons is a tool where Wikimedia registered users can upload images from Twitter to Wikimedia Commons directly. Production
10 Bengali currency numerals to pagelist widget phab:T268932 There was a long-standing task for Wikisource to add bengali currency numerals (which is a numbering system that is not supported by ICU?). This was fixed by adding support for it to the ProofreadPage extension. Ready to be merged
11 SPARQL Challenge phab:T344092 A way fun to test you knowledge of SPARQL. This quiz consists of a series of questions that you have to solve using SPARQL (individually or by team). Then we compared together the results to learn from each other. Ready to be merged
12 Wikidata + Maps in PAWS I wanted to learn more about Wikidata and how to use geolocation data to create different maps. This is just a start that will turn into a tutorial with more interesting examples after the Hackathon. Exploratory
13 What is Phorge Phorging Phabricator is dead but Phorge is alive so let's see hot Phings. Planning Meetings