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16–19 August 2023, Singapore and Online


Wikimania Hackathon 2023 will take place between Tuesday and Saturday, 15–19 August 2023, throughout the Wikimania 2023 conference.

The Wikimania hackathon is a working event with limited capacity where technical Wikimedians from around the world meet to co-work on engineering problems. Unlike other Wikimania events, this event is specifically meant for individuals with technical backgrounds or who are involved in specific wiki-related technical projects. We also encourage attendance from members of underserved communities who are looking for technical help for their wikis / projects. If you have any questions please email the hackathon organizers!

Program[edit | edit source]

There will a hacking space, lecture room, and workshop room. The hacking space will be configured with tables for groups of developers to work together. Sessions will be held at the lecture room and workshop room.

Availability of spaces:

  • Hacking space: 15–19 August 2023. X tables (Number to be confirmed)
  • Lecture room: 15–16 August 2023. Hourly slots
  • Workshop room: 16 August 2023. Hourly slots

Projects[edit | edit source]

You can add any projects you are planning to work on, or check-out and comment on other people's hackathon projects on our event's Phabricator work board: phab:project/view/6557/ Check back as more projects are added to this work board the closer we get to the event.

Hacking table directory: project locations TBD.

Focus areas[edit | edit source]


Participants list[edit | edit source]

Friendly space policy and Code of conduct[edit | edit source]

All participants in the Hackathon are expected to respect and abide by the Wikimania Friendly Space Policy and the Code of Conduct for technical spaces. Individuals not cooperating with these policies may be asked to leave the event.

Newcomer Program[edit | edit source]

Hackathon participants should have a technical background or be interested in contributing to the design, documentation or translation of a technical project. We will have sessions targeted towards newcomers that will help to introduce people to Wikimedia Tech

More details about newcomer support and mentoring can be found at 2023:Hackathon/Mentoring

Related activities[edit | edit source]

  • 14 August 2023: [TBD] Content gap, translations, languages (content/technology issues). Singapore.

Volunteering opportunities[edit | edit source]

Hackathon help desk

  • Help greet and support event participants


  • Help match developers to projects and mentors

Help us document the event

  • We need note-takers and link finders during the opening and closing sessions.

Photography and documenting the event

Hackathon showcase[edit | edit source]

The hackathon showcase will be an opportunity for the hackathon participants to present their hackathon projects to all Wikimania participants. TBD

Communicate[edit | edit source]

Media[edit | edit source]

Organizing Team[edit | edit source]


  • Slavina
  • Robert