From Wikimania
Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
NG Nigeria Bolanle Adeleye en-N 14 Aug 21 Aug I will definitely attend if given the opportunity and I will be traveling alone
DE Germany Denis Barthel de-N, en-3 14 Aug 24 Aug As a member of the U4C Building Committee I am looking for conversations about the draft. Hailing from DE-WP.
IN India Jagseer S Sidhu pa 14 Aug 25 Aug I will arrive at airport on 14Aug23 06:10 and will leave on 25 Aug afternoon.
FR France Hugo en résidence fr-N, en-4, zh-3 14 Aug 20 Aug Wikimedian in Toulouse Université, Lingua Libre (audio vocabularies), Lingua Libre/SignIt (Sign Languages videos).
CA Canada Doc James en-N, fr-2 14 Aug 20 Aug With Wiki Project Med, VideoWiki, OWID mirror, healthcare translation, Offline apps, and Internet in a Box
IT Italy OrbiliusMagister it, en-3, la-3, grc-3, vec-2 TBD TBD Interested in Wikisource, Education and GLAM - WM-it Scholarship
DE Germany MB-one de-N, en-3, fr-1, pt-1 TBD TBD Photography, Structured Data for Commons, Wikidata (esp. for WLM etc.)
NL Netherlands Hannolans en 14 Aug 19 Aug Like to meet people about copyright modelling in Wikidata, decolonization, connecting museum collections.
DE Germany Wuselig de-N, en-4, fr-1 TBD TBD GLAM, especially interactions with museums, Commons and Wikidata for Open Content, Kulturbotschafter
FR France VIGNERON fr, br-4, en-3, de-2 14 Aug (15:30) 20 Aug (00:40) Wikisource, Wikidata, bibliographical (texts) and lexicographical (words) data. Wikimedian in Residence. Thanks to the scholarship.
IN India कन्हाई प्रसाद चौरसिया hi 14 Aug 21 Aug Provided with the chance, I shall unquestionably participate and I intend to journey solo.
IN India BHARATHESHA ALASANDEMAJALU tcy 14 Aug 21 Aug With success story of creation of unrepresented language lexicon, dictionary and folk documentary film
DE Germany DerFussi de-N, en-2 14 Aug 20 Aug Wikivoyage, Wikidata, you will find me at Wikivoyage-EXPO space
IT Italy Ferdi2005 it-N, en-3 12 Aug 24 Aug Wikipedia, Wikinews, Wiki Loves Monuments, Wikidata, bots (WMIT scholarship)
NL Netherlands Ciell nl-m, en-3, de-2, fr-0, af-0 14 Aug 21 Aug Joining on the topic of the Movement Charter (hubs, global council, movement roles & responsibilities), but also happy to talk about Wiki Loves Monuments.
NZ New Zealand Ambrosia10 en 14 Aug 20 Aug English Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikicommons. I undertake outreach with GLAMs & Natural history institutions. Attending thanks to the scholarship.
GE Georgia Mehman ka-N, en-3, tr-N, az-N, ru-N 14 Aug 20 Aug I would be happy to talk to everyone about the CEE, CEE Meeting 2023, the AffCom, and the Turkic world.
AM Armenia Armenmir hy-N, ru-4, en-3, tr-1 14 Aug, 15:45PM from Doha 20 Aug, 10:45AM to Doha CEE region, Wiki and Journalism, WikiGrahers, Armenian Wikicommunity, Wikieducation
BD Bangladesh RockyMasum bn-N, en-3 TBD TBD I'm excited to attend my first Wikimania and I can't wait to connect with fellow Wikimedians from around the globe.
NA Namibia Pgallert de, en-4, af-2 14 Aug, 21:15 from Dubai 21 Aug, 00:50 Got a scholarship, very happy to attend. Talk to me about oral knowledge, Wikimedia in Africa, de-colonialisation of knowledge.
CF Daniel236 fr Around 14 Aug 21 Aug I'm very excited to attend my first wikimania and I hope to be chosen to participate in person
KE Kenya Almaddy2022 en-N 14 Aug 21 Aug I will definitely attend if given the opportunity and I will be traveling alone.It will be my first Wikimania
IN India Anupamdutta73 bn-N, en 14 Aug 21 Aug I will definitely attend if given the opportunity and I will be traveling alone.It will be my first Wikimania
IL Israel / VE Venezuela Maor X es-N, lad-5, en-4, pt-4, he-4, de-3, af-2, tr-2, guc-2 August 14 August 20 Talk to me about endangered and indigenous languages, smaller Wikipedias and language preservation
TR Türkiye Kurmanbek tr-N, en-3, az-1 14 Aug 21 Aug I will be very happy to exchange knowledge with you in areas such as developing cooperation with other communities, realizing youth programs, language and cultural collaborations, photography and graphic design. I am also open to exchange of cultural collectibles such as coins, banknotes, flags and postage stamps!.
PT Portugal Roundtheworld en-N, pt-1, it-1, fr-1 TBD TBD Happy to act as unofficial rep for Papua New Guinea if no one from that country attends
IN India TheAafi en-3, ur-5, ar-1, hi-2, kas-N 14 Aug 21 Aug Full scholarship recipient. Looking forward to engagement with the global Wikimedia community about the initiatives I lead including DCW.
HT Haiti Kitanago fr, ht, en-3 13 Aug 21 Aug It's a great opportunity to meet Wikipedians around the world and share our experiences.
BD Bangladesh Moheen bn-N, en-3 TBD TBD This will be my second Wikimania and looking forward to attending in person.
DE Germany Radomianin de-N, en-2, pl-2 Wed, 16 Aug Sun, 20 Aug Thanks to a scholarship I'm happy to participate in a Wikimania conference for the first time, and I'm looking forward to constructive meetings and experiences. Besides photography, I'm interested in human rights, Polish history and culture. My self-chosen home wiki is Commons.
CG Kano Tchapi fr Around 14 Aug 21 Aug I am very happy to attend my first wikimania. I hope to be chosen among the face-to-face participants, I come from the Republic of Congo.
AU Australia Evolution and evolvability en 15 Aug 20 Aug This'll be my first Wikimania, so excited to connect with the community. Main interests: Science content on Wikipedia, Wikidata, external partnerships, and academic WikiJournals
TH B20180 th-N, en-2 14 Aug 20 Aug Education and GLAM - Full Scholarship
SG HolyCrocsEmperor en-3, cn-N N/A (I am based in Singapore) N/A I am a wikipedian based in Singapore, happy to meet everyone!
US United States Novem Linguae en, es-2 Enwiki contributor. Technical contributor. Frist Wikimania, very excited.
NL Netherlands Ad Huikeshoven nl, en-3 15 Aug 20 Aug Fun to see some friends again and discuss what is going in globally
GH Ghana Joris Darlington Quarshie tw, en-3 14 Aug 20 Aug Looking forward to network with other wikimedians and to learn a lot from this conference
UY Uruguay Marinna es, ca, en TBD TBD I will be happy to exchange knowledge in Wikinoticias, Wikipedia, Wikicommons, education, etc; in my seven WM.
GE Georgia David1010 ka-N, ru-4, en-2 14 Aug 20 Aug Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia Scholarship
GE Georgia MIKHEIL ka-N, en-4, fr-3, ru-2 14 Aug 20 Aug Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia Scholarship
GE Georgia AkakiBalanchivadze ka-N, en-4, ru-2, zh-2 14 Aug 20 Aug Wikimedia Community User Group Georgia Scholarship
TW Taiwan iyumu Tâi-oân-ōe-N, zh-4, en-3, pwn-2, fr-2 14 Aug 20 Aug sekinateveteveljan aken a venecik ta wiki nua pinayuanan a setayuan aken. ulja kalevain mun a mapuljat a tja mecevungan. I am from Paiwan Wikimedians User Group from Taiwan. Looking forward to see you all.
TN Tunisia Csisc aeb-N, ar-5, fr-5, en-3, it-2, de-1, mt-1 14 Aug 20 Aug Coming from Tunisia thanks to a scholarship from Wikimedia Foundation, I will share our research project on the use of Wikidata in Medicine. Happy to discuss about multiple topics.
DE Germany Martin Rulsch (WMDE) de-N, en-3, es-1, grc-3, la-3 13 Aug 25 Aug support for the Wikimedia Deutschland Wikimania scholars; as DerHexer Lead Wikimania Travel Scholarship Subcommittee Member and co-contact Wikimedia Stewards User Group; some presentations: 1, 2, 3
CZ Czech Republic janbery cs-N, en-4 14 Aug 20 Aug Czech Wikipedia editor, youth Wikimedia, thanks for the scholarship!
IN India Sohom Datta bn-N, en-5, hi-1 14 Aug 20 Aug Volunteer developer, scholarship recipient.
PT Portugal / CV Cape Verde Waldyrious kea, pt-4, en-4 14 Aug, 17:50 20 Aug, 23:30 Editor since 2005 mostly on Wikipedia, Commons, Wikidata, Wiktionary and Wikisource. Co-founder and first president of Wikimedia Portugal, in 2009. Scholarship recipient. this will be my 5th Wikimania, after a 10-year (!) hiatus.
DE Germany DomenikaBo de-N, en-3, fr-2, es-1, hu-1 14 Aug, 09:00 from Doha 20 Aug, 21:00 to Doha German Wikipedia editor, mentor, trainer. Autist, handicap, feminist. Scholarship, happy to help & socialize! Love to meet other autists.
FI Finland Taavi fi-N, en-3, sv-1 14 Aug 20 Aug Had a blast at the Hackathon a few months ago, can't wait to see everyone again.
IL Israel Atbannett he-N, en-N 15 Aug 20 Aug Excited to talk about Wikishtetl going global! This is my 2nd Wikimania, but the 1st one out of my country
PH Philippines Chlod en, tl, ja-1 14 Aug 20 Aug English Wikipedia editor, tool/userscript developer. First in-person Wikimania; going to present my second-ever talk (first in-person). Hope to meet you all there!
GB United Kingdom dsvyas en, gu, hi, mr, sa 14 Aug (21:15) 20 Aug (21:40) Primary editor on Gujarati Wikipedia, sysop on gu.wiki and gu.ws, Gubot bot owner. Hackathon enthusiast, non-technical though
KG Kyrgyzstan Nataev en, ru, uz, tr-3, ky-2, fr-1 14 Aug (09:00) 20 Aug (11:15) Sysop on uzwiki, scholarship recipient. This will be my sixth Wikimania. Will be co-presenting about the multi-year WikiStipendiya edit-a-thon on August 18. Avid coin collector.
UZ Uzbekistan Malikxan uz-N, en-3, tr-1 14 Aug (16:00) 21 Aug (01:10) Sysop on uzwiki, scholarship recipient. This will be my first in-person Wikimania.
KG Kyrgyzstan Nataeva uz-N, ru-3, en-2, ky-3 14 Aug (09:00) 20 Aug (11:15) Sysop on uzwiki, scholarship recipient. This will be my first in-person Wikimania.
DE Germany Fuchs B de-N, fr-4, en-3, ru-1 13 Aug 21 Aug Scholarship recipient from WMDE. This will be my first in-person Wikimania. Wikipedia editor and member of kuwiki. Enthusiast of GLAM and textiles.
Eg Egypt ولاء ar-N, es, en 14 Aug (21:15) 20 Aug (21:40) Sysop on arwiki, scholarship recipient. This will be my sixth Wikimania. Interested in Diversity, Education, Researcher, Reviewer & Photography.
IT Italy iopensa it, en, fr 13 Aug (09:00 from Istanbul) 24 Aug (23.30 to Istanbul) Interested in GLAMs, climate change and sustainability, decolonizing knowledge, Africa, Esino Lario and Wikimania :) Chair Wikimedia Italia, Chair Wikimania Committee, member Wiki in Africa.
NZ New Zealand DrThneed en 14 Aug (06:40) 20 Aug Interested in GLAMs, libraries, WikiCite, Wikidata, women in science.
IQ Iraq Alli Khalil ar-N, en-3 14 Aug (15:45) from Doha 20 Aug excited to participate in Wikimania for the first time.
Ar Argentina Fernando Archuby es-N, en-3 14 Aug (15:50) from Buenos Aires 20 Aug Interested in open science and Wikimedia.
PS  / DE Germany Sky xe ar-N, de-4, en-3, it-2, id-1 15 Aug (15:30) from Amsterdam 21 Aug Interested in Open Education, Wikidata and AI.
CH Switzerland Beat Estermann de-N, fr-3, en-3, ru-2 14 Aug (16:55) from Zurich 20 Aug Interested in Wikidata, Structured Data on Commons, Open GLAM, GLAM-Wiki, performing arts, event data, accessibility information. Looking forward to reconnecting in person after the involuntary COVID break.
ES Spain Poco a poco es-N, en-3, de-3, it-2, pl-2 15 Aug (21:15) from Dubai 20 Aug Interested in Commons, networking, GLAM, tooling, Wikidata,...
DE Germany Lena Meintrup (WMDE) en-N, de-N, fr-1 15 Aug 20 Aug WMDE's Technical Wishes project
DE Germany Johanna Strodt (WMDE) de-N, en-3, el-1, es-1, fr-1 15 Aug 20 Aug WMDE's Technical Wishes project
DE Germany ocrho de-N, en 11 Aug 18 Aug Interested in GLAM, Wikidata, Wikivoyage, tooling, OpenStreetMap, ..