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2023:Scholarship Subcommittee

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Members[edit | edit source]

  • Gnangarra, Australia, languages: en, nys-3
  • DerHexer, Germany, languages: de, en-3, es-1
Committee members
  • *Youngjin
  • Anntinomy
  • Dsvyas
  • Joycewikiwiki
  • Kitanago
  • Luisina Ferrante (WMAR)
  • Slashme
  • RamzyM
  • T Cells
  • Violetova and Виолетова
Non-voting members with access to application data
  • WMF events manager: Lisa McCabe

Tasks[edit | edit source]

The scholarship review committee is an important and diverse group of volunteers who help to run the scholarship program.

The main duties of the committee members prior to Wikimania are:

  • Participation in periodic online meetings with the scholarship program manager and other committee members.
  • Review and edit communications material (e.g. Scholarship wiki, application questions).
  • Assistance in the determination of scholarship applicant requirements.
  • Assurance of due consideration and speedy response time to Wikimania scholarship applications in multiple languages.
  • Work with the local team.

They were selected on the following criteria:

  • fluent in written English and have good communication skills, or can name local community member(s)/ambassadors who help them with English translations.
  • discreet and able to handle confidential applicant information, and objectively assess candidates.
  • willing to review scholarship applications in the first quarter of the year, estimated time is 30 hours.
  • having either or both:
    • previously attended Wikimania.
    • strong knowledge of the cross-project Wikimedia community.

The committee members will work remotely. The local Wikimania team cannot guarantee financial support for the committee members' travel expenses since scholarship review committee members may not apply for a scholarship themselves.

Timeline[edit | edit source]

See main page.