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Status Item Duration Type/Document Leaders + helpers
Sunday, 14:30-15:00 2019:Languages/LinguaLibre.fr/Lightning 3~5 mins brief teaser setting up what is at play.
No slot available 2019:Languages/LinguaLibre.fr/Lecture 25 mins comprehensive 20 mins presentations followed by short Q&A
Saturday, 16:00-17:00 2019:Languages/LinguaLibre.fr/Computer 45 mins light "learning by doing" session, create an account and record few words.
No slot available 2019:Languages/LinguaLibre.fr/Workshop 120 mins full "learning by doing" session, please come with a language in mind to document.
No slot available 2019:Languages/LinguaLibre.fr/Panel 45 mins open discussion about past and future efforts
Cancelled 2019:Poster session/LinguaLibre.fr : 1 year of rapid audio recording 45 mins Poster. Size: A1 (594 x 841 mm "or" 23.4 x 33.1).

2019 is the culmination of 3 years teamwork for Wikimedia France LinguaLibre's contributors.
The rapid recording tool have been published online at the Wikimania 2018, Cape Town.
In Stockholm, we will announce the 1st year achievements : +150,000 audios recorded.
As well as the proven usability and utility of the project.
Also, we wish to have a massive presence at this wikimania with all a good deal of presentations, so the project can be picked up by other Wikimedia projects.