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2019:Libraries/Lightning talks

From Wikimania

The Libraries space Lightning talks session will take place on August 18 (Sunday) from 9:30 am to 10:40 am. The session will feature a series of four talks, 10-20 min each.

For the overall program schedule of the Libraries space, please visit 2019:Libraries/Program.

By: Alicia Fagerving (WMSE)
Timings: 9:35 am to 9:55 am

This presentation will give you an overview of the ongoing collaboration between Wikimedia Sverige and the National Library of Sweden, aimed at importing the library's data to Wikidata as well as maximizing their impact across the Wikimedia projects. In the centre of this project are the datasets that the National Library released under an open license a couple years ago – the authority database and the Swedish National Bibliography, encompassing the entirety of books and other works published in Sweden.

By: Maxlath
Timings: 9:55 am to 10:10 am

The Inventaire is a sharing webapp, inviting you to make the inventory of your books, and of the possibilities you want to open for them (giving, sharing, selling), as well as who should be able to see them (shared publicly, or just to your friends and groups). It is also a bibliographic data project aiming at building a CC0 Wikidata-centered database on resources, to support the needs of the web app, while being enriched by its users, and more broadly speaking, to concretize our mission: mapping resources with libre software and open knowledge, starting with books!

By: Houcemeddine Turki
Timings: 10:10 am to 10:25 am

Nowadays, digital and offline libraries involve many important high-scale resources (such as books, scholarly journals, newspapers and encyclopedias) that can be used to support the information involved in Wikipedia. The Wikimedia and Library User Group members have been aware about this matter and created many initiatives (1Ref1Lib and The Wikipedia Library) to let librarians involved in Wikimedia movement. These initiatives have limitations: in many developing countries, librarians lack computing skills and cannot significantly participate in these interesting initiatives; these initiatives are not used to support user group-led projects, there are many topics that can be only supported by offline references. That is why we developed a library outreach method that can be used to support projects of Wikimedia user groups. That is why we developed a library outreach method that can be used to support projects of Wikimedia user groups.

By: Jason Evans
Timings: 10:25 am to 10:40 am

This session will look at how Wikidata could help to revolutionize bibliographic infrastructure. Marc 21 was designed to bring bibliographic data into the 21st century, but the rapid growth of linked data and Wikidata presents an exciting opportunities to make data better. The talk will draw on the speakers experience in exploring the possibilities around sharing the complete Welsh Bibliography via Wikidata, and will focus on ideas and potential for the future.