2021:Submissions/Documenting social movements through the Wikimedia Projects: Argentina, Chile and Colombia experiences

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Speakers[edit | edit source]

  • Patricia Díaz-Rubio, Executive Director at Wikimedia Chile
  • Luisina Ferrante, Education and Rights Manager at Wikimedia Argentina
  • Juan Carlos Vargas, Culture Manager at Wikimedia Colombia

Abstract[edit | edit source]

In South America, Wikimedia community is very engaged in documenting local political phenomena, especially in countries facing social mobilizations.

In this presentation, we will highlight three cases -the green handkerchief movement in Argentina, the Constitutional change process in Chile, and the current mobilizations in Colombia-, where Wikimedia chapters have developed collective strategies to promote participation and social contingency content development. Through these three experiences, we will analyze at least two cross-cutting elements: the use of Wikimedia projects as a trusted space to disseminate content that is underrepresented or even censored by other information platforms and media, and user’s appropriation strategies of the Wikimedia ecosystem, as a place for a new type of cyber-activism.

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

We expect that after this session audience and listeners could:

  • Have a better understanding of South American's Wikimedia communities and their current contexts.
  • Learn about how Wikimedia projects could play a major role in documenting and disseminating underrepresented voices and narratives through the Internet.
  • Have a new perspective on Wikimedia projects as a trusted and safe place for social activism within some determined territories.

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