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2021:Submissions/Gender inequalities in the Catalan Wikipedia categories

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Speakers: Mercè Piqueras

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In February 2021 a campaign was launched to demand female-specific categories in the Catalan Wikipedia (Viquipèdia), as have others, including English and French Wikipedias. Currently, only categories in the masculine genre are allowed. Categorising by gender, which was first proposed in 2009, is a recurring topic of discussion, and has never been approved. The lack of both a positive answer and empathy in the Viquipèdia community moved some people to make it publicly known—mostly through social networks—that the current Viquipèdia policy allows the invisibility of women and is against the United Nations 5th Sustainable Development Goal (achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls).


Session Outcomes

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a) To make the activities of women visible

b) to reduce the gender gap

c) to facilitate access to the contents

b) to do research on women

I'm planning to attend live!

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