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2021:Submissions/WikiCite-Recent achievements, what happens next?

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Liam Wyatt, Phoebe, Daniel Mietchen and others


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Slides from the session


Over the past 5 years, the WikiCite community has been a home for those invested in the representation of open bibliographic data on the Wikimedia projects. It encompasses volunteers and participants from a broad range of geographies and professions—librarians, developers, GLAM practitioners, data modelers, data scientists, ethnographers—interested in improving the citation practices and citation infrastructure for free knowledge. Since the beginning, this community has built tools, schemas, and practices for the curation and creation of open bibliographic metadata in Wikidata. Today, “WikiCite” is a name used by many in the Wikimedia community to refer to their projects and activities in support of this goal.

As the dedicated grant funding for this initiative has come to an end in 2021 (see: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/WikiCite/2021_Update), the WikiCite steering committee would like to host this open session to discuss what's next for WikiCite. We'll review recent accomplishments, including the outcome of the 2020-21 grant program, and host a discussion on open questions around WikiCite.

Session Outcomes

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Participants will learn about WikiCite and the current state of bibliographic metadata on Wikidata, and will participate in a conversation to shape the future of these projects.

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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