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2021:Submissions/Wiki Loves Women Focus Group Members programme

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Official Wiki Loves Women logo for across Africa
Official Wiki Loves Women logo for across Africa

Speakers[edit | edit source]


Abstract[edit | edit source]

Lack of access to information by women becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. If women do not see themselves represented online with stories that are in their language and relevant to their culture, they are less likely to see themselves as capable of contributing on Wikipedia.The Wiki Loves Women team recently created a Focus Group. The Focus Group membership is made of 12 women, the majority of which from Africa. The main goal of the Focus Group is skills transfer and also to raise awareness of and action to counter the lack of representation of women generally, and more specifically on online platforms such as Wikipedia/Wikiquote.This initiative is set to celebrate women leaders through the #SheSaid drive and share the journey and developing communities

Session Outcomes[edit | edit source]

  • Discover how the Focus Group operates
  • How to empower women with the relevant skills to train their communities about Wikipedia this will uplift the underrepresented countries to also contribute and have their voice heard.
  • Wiki Loves Women focuses on bridging two significant gaps on Wikimedia projects – women and Africa – both in terms of content and participation of underrepresented communities like women. Share how we can increase visibility and understanding of the Wikimedia projects: through the project activations & partnership
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