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2023:اللجنة الفرعية للتكنولوجيا

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This page is for the Technology Selection Subcommittee. It is tasked to find a suitable platforms for virtual participation, programming, event management, mail distribution and survey. For the Technology Events (Hackathon) Subcommittee, go to the hackathon page.

فيما يلي قائمة بالمسؤوليات التي تصورناها حاليًا لويكيمانيا 2023 لدعم مؤتمر مختلط. قد تكون هناك تغييرات مع الاستعدادات لتقدم المؤتمر. قد ندعو المزيد من المتطوعين من المجتمع للمساعدة في دعم المؤتمر المختلط إذا لزم الأمر.

For any clarifications, please use the talk page and ping User:Robertsky as well for attention.

For travelling to Singapore for the onsite conference, Tech Subcommittee members are encouraged to apply for Travel Scholarship, or obtain scholarships through their local chapters/user groups. Approval for Travel Scholarship is managed by the Scholarship Committee.


The responsibilities of the tech sub committee are as laid out:

  • Recommendation of the online platforms
  • Setup and support:
    • Event registration
    • Online conference platform
  • Video uploads onto Commons and YouTube
  • Data scrub post conference

The tech subcomittee has no remit on the programme selection.


January–February 2023

  • Invites to join subcomm
  • Recommendations the platforms we will be using for the conference
    • Event registration
    • Online conference
    • Post event survey outreach

March 2023

  • Set up event registration
  • Training and setup online conference platform
  • Training and setup post survey outreach

April–July 2023

  • Maintain/troubleshoot event registration if necessary
  • Training and setup online conference platform

August 2023

  • Moderation and hosting of online conference platform
  • Post event survey push out
  • Upload of videos onto Commons and YouTube

X months after

  • Close online conference platform – Data scrub
  • Close event registration – Data scrub


The following platforms are what we are looking out for:

  1. Event registration
  2. Online conferencing
  3. Conference chat
  4. Online exhibition
  5. Video live-streaming
  6. Video conferencing
  7. Post event survey (see note below)

Note: For surveys and forms, WMF's Lime Survey is currently being utilised.


We are expecting the platform(s) involved to be:

  • easy to use/setup by participants, event moderators and admins, (sub-)committee members and/or involved WMF staff;
  • respect primarily Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act and Europe's General Data Protection Regulation. The former due to the event is primarily hosted in Singapore, and the latter due to data of EU citizens;
  • where the overall user experience will not be affected, free and open source software

To this end, we have prepared a Request for Proposal (RfP) in which details and features of the platform(s) we are looking for. The RfP will be shared to interested parties/vendors for their considerations. The Subcomittee members may also propose solutions for individual platforms. We may end up using a mix of vendors/solutions for what is hopefully an optimal setup.


The recommendations that the Subcommittee put forth will be strongly considered by the COT and WMF. However, there may be changes/variations to the final setup due to, in addition to the points in Considerations section above, budget and other possible reasons.

Subcommittee members

  • Robert Sim, Chair
  • Bachounda
  • Joris Darlington Quarshie
  • Imelda Brazal
  • João Alexandre Peschanski
  • Kayode Yussuf
  • Wasi
  • zBlace
  • Abigail Agbenomba