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Every year, hundreds of Wikimedians come together to celebrate free knowledge at the annual Wikimania global conference. The 19th edition of Wikimania will happen in Katowice, Poland from 7–10 August as a partnership between Wikimedians of the Central and Eastern Europe region and the Wikimedia Foundation. It will host free knowledge leaders from around the world to discuss issues, report on new projects and approaches, build networks, and exchange ideas.


The deadline to apply for the program has passed. The team is reviewing all proposals and will communicate decisions in May.

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Wikimania Katowice will be held in person and online. Registration will open soon. The cost of in-person registration will be subsidized by the Wikimedia Foundation and will cost USD $100. The virtual event will be fully funded by the Wikimedia Foundation and will remain free.

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The scholarships process has concluded, with 252 full and partial scholarships awarded to individuals and 19 seats awarded to hubs and regional groups.

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Side & Satellite events

Side events such as meetups, photo walks, edit-a-thons, tours and excursions will be taking place throughout the event. More information to come following the publication of the formal program.

Affiliates interested in hosting local events during Wikimania can apply for General Support Funds or reallocate GSF funds already obtained.

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About Wikimania

Вікіманія — штогадовая нарада сьвяткаваньня ўсіх праектаў вольных ведаў, якія вядзе Фундацыя «Вікімэдыя»Commons Вікісховішча, MediaWiki МэдыяВікі, Meta-Wiki Мэта-Вікі, Wikibooks Вікікнігі, Wikidata Вікізьвесткі, Wikinews Вікінавіны, Wikipedia Вікіпэдыя, Wikiquote Вікіцытатнік, Wikisource Вікікрыніцы, Wikispecies Віківіды, Wikiversity Віківэрсытэт, Wikivoyage Wikivoyage, Wiktionary Вікіслоўнік — зь некалькімі днямі нарадаў, абмеркаваньняў, сустрэчаў, трэніровак і працоўняў. Сотні добраахвотнікаў і правадыроў вольных ведаў з усяго сьвету зьбяруцца, каб абмеркаваць справы, данесьці пра новыя праекты і падыходы, а таксама абмяняцца думкамі.

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