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2021:Submissions/Do Something Doctrine - looking back on the Terrorist Content Regulation in EU

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Anna Mazgal, Senior EU Policy Advisor at Wikimedia Deutschland


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The short story: an ill-fated law with dubious evidence base, targeting an important modern problem with poorly chosen measures, goes through an exhausting legislative process to be adopted without proper democratic scrutiny due to a procedural peculiarity in the European Parliament. How did we manage to end up in this mess? And what does it tell us about the power of agenda setting the name of the “do something” doctrine?

In this short presentation I will look into the role our movement played into damage control of the dangers for freedom of expression and political speech during the legislative process of the Terrorist Content Regulation that will apply across European Union from June 2022.

Session Outcomes

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- advocacy experts and enthusiasts in our movement will get insight into how to supports and protect freedom of expression when discussing difficult topics such as terrorism and terrorist propaganda

- the example of the law will serve to explain how the European Union, one of the key global law-making entities, and its legislative process works (or doesn't work)

- people from outside-EU will be informed about a new law that could potentially serve as a dangerous model for their jurisdictions

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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