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This page is a translated version of the page 2021:Volunteer and the translation is 20% complete.

Места для добровольцев

Викимания нуждается в большом количестве добровольцев для помощи с организацией Неконференции и Деревни Сообщества. Пожалуйста, запишитесь здесь, если вы можете помочь, указав, что конкретно вы готовы сделать. Огромное спасибо за щедро уделённое время. Команда организаторов свяжется с вами для подтверждения.

Хосты Неконференции

Предоставляют пользователям помощь в понимании как участвовать в различных сессиях, найти виртуальные комнаты и создавать эффективные сессии Неконференции.

Community Village Support

Assist in helping affiliates and user groups set up their virtual tables in the conference space. Ideal for someone who is already planning to host a table at the Village!

Q&A facilitation

We will need some volunteers to support the Q&A process of some sessions.

General assistance

Assist in helping users find their way in the virtual space - Telegram, Remo.co platform, wiki editing, etc.

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Post Production

We want to make sure all recordings make it to Commons. For this, we have two roles where we definitely need some volunteer support.

Closed Captioning

While You Tube will produce automated captions, someone needs to export them, make sure they align with the (possibly edited) video file and do a brief quality check. Especially support needed from some people who speak Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Russian or Chinese.

  • Add name here (and language capabilities)

We want to make sure that we flag as many problems with the video before uploading them to Wikimedia Commons. We will need some support from volunteers who know Commons policies well, and are willing to review the videos, and flag any significant issues.

Uploading to Commons

We will need some support to assist in the actual upload of the files to Commons.