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The Wikimania 2022 Hackathon is a free, online event open to the general public to work together on technical projects, learn new skills, and meet other technical contributors.

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Final Showcase

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The Wikimania Hackathon 2022 Final Showcase is a place to share what you worked on during the hackathon and learn about other projects. See what others presented!

Format of the event

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The Hackathon brings together technical contributors to Wikimedia projects from around the world, from code creators and maintainers, to designers, technical writers, and documentation translators. Newcomers are welcome!

The Hackathon took place virtually from August 12-August 14, 2022:

Check out the schedule to see an overview of the sessions.

At the beginning of the event, anyone can present a technical project they plan to work on at the Pre Event Showcase as a way to find new collaborators. You might find it helpful to look at technical projects from past Hackathons.This session provided a space for people to find teams, brainstorm new ideas, and make plans for what to hack during the Hackathon.

Throughout the following hours, there were social sessions and training sessions run by the community, but the majority of the time was spent hacking together. Attendees could also explore other Wikimania activities.

At the end of the event, there was a final showcase to present advances or new technical projects built during the Hackathon.

The event was not be live-translated, but presentations and meetups in any language are welcome!

Getting Started

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How to prepare

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A person scratching their head while bugs crawl on their laptop
Fixing bugs is a great hacking project for the Hackathon!
  • If you don’t have one yet, create an account on your favorite wiki and on Phabricator (If you’re new to Phabricator, read the documentation!).
  • Add yourself to the list of participants for the event. The more you list your interests, the more likely others with similar interests can find you.
  • Are you new to the technical community? Check out this list of resources for those who are just starting out.

Request accommodations

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If you have any accessibility or translation requests, please contact hlepp@wikimedia.org.

How to participate

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Pre-event showcase

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This year’s Hackathon had a pre-event showcase (check out the schedule to find links to watch the showcase). This session gave people the chance to present what they plan to work on, and what sort of team members they’d like to find support from. Think about if you’d like to present a project, or if you’d like to attend and find a project team to join.

Add your project to the pre-hacking showcase

Hacking on a project

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Check out the Hackathon Phabricator board. You can add your own projects or add comments to others you’d like to join. Feel free to get in touch with the task owners- that’s why they list those tasks on Phabricator!

Add your project to Phabricator

Attend a session

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Look at the schedule to see if there are any sessions you are interested in. If you’d like to offer a session, feel free to add one to the schedule. Slots are first-come, first-served.

Social Channels

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Technical contributors chat on a variety of platforms. Here are some places to start a conversation!