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2022: Mija kouhupan

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This page is a translated version of the page 2022:Help desk and the translation is 69% complete.

Pomolingkuman: Nung nuru kou do kouhupan montok sokodung teknikal kaampai no do Pheedloop:

Montok poguhatan umum om katangaban, romuto o wikimania@wikimedia.org

Poguhatan ii asaru do uhoton (FAQ)

Montok maklumat ii lobi poinralom nopo nga milo do sumuku id LIWANG WALAI montok abaabayan.

Event Maya Talian

Ointutunan o Wikimania 2022 sabaagi 'Edisi Festival'! Daadi poingkuro o upa' do abaabayan diti om nunu o milo do sorohon ku?

The COT went through a series of co-design sessions. There were several prototypes  where the festival edition had the highest votes. We needed the element of fun for achieving this purpose. The target focus will be about welcoming newcomers, where we will be creating an environment of celebration, networking, and learning with the communities.

Nunu adadi id kimah do mogisuusuai?

Festival edition is divided into tents (keynotes, sessions for affiliates, individuals or groups of people, tools and editing equipment.

Maklumat totigas nopo kokomoi do kimah nopo nga abaagi kumaa:

Kimah 1,2 om 2:

These are parallel programming tracks with sessions from individuals and Wikimedia movement organizations (chapters, user groups, thematic organizations, and other recognized movement groups). We will have keynotes, endnotes, art, entertainment & culture highlights, meet and greet, and other key content, rotational regional segments to spotlight various projects(individuals and affiliates by region)

Kimah Rangkaian

This includes several virtual spaces where attendees can socialize and meet other wikimedians. The Hackahton will take place in the Networking Tent during Hackathon hours, on Day 2 and Day 3.

Poingkuro oku dumopitor?

Milo kou dumopitor id https://pheedloop.com/register/wikimania2022/attendee/

Milo kou do dumopitor mantad do Tontolu ontok 25 Madas om toinsanan nga milo dumopitor, pogulu, maamaso om gisom do aawi o abaabayan dii.

Poingkuro oku kaanu monimban do ngaran ii pokitonon id Pheedloop?

The details you have registered with will be your display name on Pheedloop for the duration of the event. If you would want to change it, please send an email to wikimania@wikimedia.org, with your preferred name and we will adjust this for you as soon as possible.

Poingkuro om soira o koindalan iti Hackathon montok toun diti?

The Wikimania hackathon has been given a special place in this edition, extending the duration to 2 days during Day 2 and Day 3 of Wikimania, from 16:00-22:00 UTC on Day 2 and 12:00-17:00 UTC on Day 3.

Nunu platform ii gunoon montok do abaabayan do toun diti?

Montok nopo toun diti nga momoguno do platform Pheedloop. Montok kopointutunan totigas kokomoi Pheedloop intangai o video diti id Common.

Nokuro tu nopili o Pheedloop sabaagi do platform montok Wikimania 2022?

This platform is focused on virtual and hybrid events, it has an app and we can link the registration to this platform. You can read about additional privacy protections put in place here. One of the features that influenced the selection is that it allows us to translate in a large number of languages player. It also offers multiple accessibility options, speaker interaction and works across mobile and a wide range of browsers. It also enables session hosts to host their sessions within Jitsi (an open source platform) and a feed to be plugged into to pheedloop. You can read more about this and other features in this Diff Blog.

Morou-sorou kou no do mongukab platform poingukab?

We considered open source and free software platforms such as Workadventure but the price in infrastructure and technical support was high. Platforms such as Jitsi and BigBlueButton were restricted in terms of capacity and without the ability to support multiple languages. We are however exploring the use of Jitsi for session hosts who prefer to host their sessions there. Additionally, a feed from Jitsi will be linked into Pheedloop for attendees to watch and listen.

Kiwaa o platform montok pinludaan do pra abaabayan, moi do koilo oku do momoguno diti?

Kiwaa o poguhatan ii asaru koimbulai (FAQ) om pohoroon o tadau pinludaan do momok-somok o abaabayan. Intangai o liwang-liwang id Wikimania WIki montok mongilo do tadauwulan om timpu.

Nunu boros om sokodung pamadalin ii haro ontok dii?

During the conference, there will be language support for all the six UN languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. During the regional days, special languages will be offered according to the regions: Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Hindi, Ukrainian, Turkish and Swahili. So we will have 13 in total across the event!

Milo kou do akses id pomodolinan

Id suang pheedloop:

Todoso o play om pilio o boros id peranti id siriba do video.

Maya nopo browser dokoyu:

Montok nunu nopo sesi id Kimah 1 nopo nga maya pautan diti https://app.interactio.eu/Search/DirectedSearch?eventCode=WIKIMANIATENT1

Montok nunu nopo sesi di Kimah 2 nopo nga maya pautan diti https://app.interactio.eu/Search/DirectedSearch?eventCode=WIKIMANIATENT2

Montok nunu nopo sesi di Kimah 3 nopo nga maya pautan diti https://app.interactio.eu/Search/DirectedSearch?eventCode=WIKIMANIATENT3

Maya do aplikasi interactio id Android toi ko' id iOS maya do kod id siriba:

Montok nunu nopo sesi id Kimah1, gunoo o kod WIKIMANIATENT1

Montok nunu nopo sesi id Kimah2, gunoo o kod WIKIMANIATENT2

Montok nunu nopo sesi id Kimah3, gunoo o kod WIKIMANIATENT3

Poingkuro iti do nootus?

The final languages were decided on a basis of number of speakers for the region, number of requests in the community survey, and the community presence for the language being requested.

Yoho nopo nga wagu! Poingkuro oku do rumumo om mokianu do tips potilombus mantad di Wikimedian ii ogumu no nawaawayaan?

We’ll be having a newcomers help desk throughout Wikimania where you will be able to get some help in navigating Wikimania and meeting experienced Wikimedians. But as we say in the Wikimedia movement - BE BOLD! People enjoy meeting new Wikipedians, so don’t be afraid of reaching out to people.

Poingkuro kokomoi do zon timpu - toinsanan nga kaanu do mampayat? Poingkuro o koindalan o ponguludan abaabayan?

Organizing a global conference to accommodate every timezone possible is a logistical challenge. However, given that this year is organized by regions, it will be easier to connect with your region at Wikimania. You can read more about the timezone slots here: https://diff.wikimedia.org/2022/07/12/the-wikimania-festival-goes-global/

Poingkuro oku mongilo kokomoi do pisuayan sesi?

Kouludan do abaabayan nopo nga oruhai no kalabus! Intangai id liwang gulu do Wikimania, koiyonon do kopolobusan tohuri kokomoi do jadual.

Sesi nopo nga rakamon moi do kaanu oku mogintong kaagu?

Montok nopo diti nga tumanud do sesi. Kiwaa nogi abaabayan ii au rakamon. Kiwaa nogi moboboros ii au orohian do rakamon o sesi diolo. Sundung do ingkaa nga, kogumuan sesi nopo nga pointantu no rakamon.

Noiduanan oku do pinludaan do momiimilantoi id Pheedloops. Poingkuro oku kaanu mongilo kaagu kokomoi maklumat ii pinabanta?

Milo. Intangai o pinludaan momiimilantoi hiti om slaid montok sesi hiti.

Nunu tetapan ii lobi osonong montok do browser ku?

Any modern browser and high-speed internet connection is all that's really needed to run PheedLoop itself. The best setup we've found is using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop machine, with an internet connection offering at least 5 Mbps download speed.

Milo oku mogukab do Pheedloop id tolipaun?

Yes! You can find the PheedLoop Go app for Android in this link & IOS App in this link. This is recommended for Mobile. Tablet & Mobile Browser are supported but less recommended.

Poingkuro momoguno rangkaian id Pheedloop?

You are able to create (see below) or join a networking space on Pheedloop! Once you have logged into the platform, you can click on the “networking” tab. This will allow you to interact with the people in that networking space. The networking functionality allows you to turn on your video, chat and interact with other people in that same space. Please note that on mobile you will only be able to chat. See this slide deck for more information.

Poingkuro oku do momonsoi rangkaian linimput?

Click on the “networking” tab in Pheedloop. and either; create your own networking group OR you may join an existing networking group. Please note there is a limit of 25 groups at a time. Each group also has a maximum attendance of 25 people at a time. See this slide deck for more information.

Milo oku do mampayat abaabayan tempatan om poingkuro?

There are many Wikimania events being organized all over the world. Check this link to see the many events taking place. If you would like to attend one in your region, please get in touch with the organizers as soon as you can. The details are shared by the event organizers.

Milo oku mitimbungak miampai do moboboros ontok sesi? Poingkuro?

If a speaker has an interactive session (i.e. session breakout, panel discussion, game) and the speaker has indicated to have participant interaction, you will be able to participate in the session by unmuting yourself and interacting with the session presenters and the wider audience.

Milo oku mogintong do sesi nung nokoimpuun no?

Yes, you can watch sessions that have already taken place on Pheedloop itself. You may also choose to watch sessions on Youtube. Sessions will be made available 24 hours after the live stream has taken place. Depending on the session, you will be able to find them either here or here.

Poingkuro oku mongakses do pomodolinan rati potilombus ontok do sesi?

You will be able to toggle quite easily within a session to the languages provided through live interpretation. If you are curious which languages are being offered per session, on any given day, you will be able to see it indicated on the program page.

Kotounda o pomodolinan pointobon (closed captioning) montok do sesi?

Closed captioning will be available in English during sessions. The day after the session has taken place, you will find captions in all languages supported by YouTube’s Artificial Intelligence service for closed captioning.

Mobooboros Sesi

Nuru do kouhupan kokomoi setting ontok do sesi? Intangai id tonudon teknologi do festival Wikimania 2022

Poingkuro oku mongilo nung sesi ii pinaatod ku nopo nga notorimo?

There is a COT email that we will  be sending to you that confirms your submission. After you receive it, you will be notified through email that your submission is being studied and will communicate with you our reply to confirm if you have been successful. After that you will also receive information and instructions for hosting and delivering your session.

Nunu pomilian ii haro montok pambantaan? Milo oku do pra rakam toi ko' toinsanan nga pambantaan potilombus?

Milo kou do momili maya potilombus toi ko' rakamon mantad.

Milo kou nogi do papabanta id sesi ii narakam montok do segmen potilombus miampai do audiens nogi.

Sabab do tarad festival nopo nga interaktif montok miromut miampai komuniti,mangalap yahai dokoyu do momili maya potilombus (LIVE).

Kiwa o tonudon montok sesi toi ko' pinludaan montok do mobooboros?

Yes, when the sessions are announced and submissions winners are announced as well there will be a training from the Community Development team with a previously shared agenda.

I’m a little shy as I haven't presented much before - any tips?

It’s totally normal and understandable to feel nervous and shy! Things that can help include being well prepared, doing some practice runs and making sure all your tech equipment is working properly so you don’t need to worry about that side of things. Also be yourself and if you are talking about something you are passionate about and enjoy - that will come through! Also remember that everyone presenting is in the same boat and we hope everyone enjoys the experience of sharing knowledge, so don’t feel too pressured to be perfect!

Poingkuro oku kaanu miboros miampai do panganjul abaabayan sumusuhut om maamaso do abaabayan?

Session hosts and presenters will be emailed information about their session and they will be able to write back with any further questions, which we will endeavor to answer. During the event there will be a Telegram chat channel for any real time general and technical questions. We will also have support from our production company as well as online event staff to help make the process smooth on the day.

Garan & Sikulasip

Pinapatod oku do tapalai montok garan affiliate toi ko' sikulasip individu - soira oku kaanu mongilo do kootusan permohonan dii?

The organizing team has given updates on whether the application has been approved. Affiliates have received updates in late June or early July. Individuals have received an update by mid-July.

Soira pootodon o kousinan?

The funds will be transferred from July to late August. Exact timing of the transfer for specific scholarship receivers will depend on how quickly the person or the affiliate will respond to the grants administration team and provide all necessary information for processing the payment.

Poingkuro o pogintangan om kapanahakan montok Sikulasip Individu?

Once all surveys have successfully been completed and therefore all of the data has been collected, the Core Organizing Team (COT) will jointly determine which people will be eligible as Individual Scholarship Recipients. The COT will give preference to people from Emerging Communities, first time Wikimania participants, and female and non-binary applicants.

Soira oku kaanu do tisuli kokomoi do tapalai Sikulasip Individu?

The Individual Scholarship Submission Process ended on 03 June 2022, was extended for a period of approximately one week and then officially closed on 14 June 2022. The COT and the Wikimania Grants and Scholarships Team have reviewed 400+ completed Individual Applications. It's important to note that only 200 Individual Scholarships will be funded.

You can expect to receive a confirmation email from the Wikimania Team, of whether or not your application has been approved, approximately one month prior to Wikimania 2022.

It is significant to highlight that precisely 15 Individual Applications will be processed each week (due to the complexity of processing international transactions), until all selected applicants have successfully received financial support. This means that even after Wikimania 2022 has concluded, Scholarship Applicants that have received confirmation of funding will still receive their Scholarship remitted from the Wikimedia Foundation.

How can I let people know I am running an in person affiliate event? What help is there with promotion?

The Wikimania program will be shared on all platforms, including social media. The COT has a communications team that is happy to support by posting additional information provided about in-person run programs. You can also reach out to the Movement Communications regional specialist for your area, for support.

Abaabayan Bersemuka

Are in person events happening this year too?

Yes, instead of having a big international conference like in the past, we encourage movement groups to organize their local events during Wikimania 2022. Wikimedia affiliates and other movement groups were invited to apply for our grant program to hold their local events. A list of funded applications is available on Meta-Wiki. Please contact your local community for more information. You can see the list of in person events here.

Monolibamban kobolingkangan

Kikobolingkangan oku do sumuang id platform - isai i kaanu monguhup?

You can ask for help at the Telegram Help Desk Channel of the Conference. Community Members will help you solve all issues and provide you instructions on how to log in and participate in the Conference. As well, you can contact the Wikimania COT at wikimania@wikimedia.org. The Wikimania COT will identify technical problems and try to find proper ways to solve them.

Nunu ii nuru ku do wonsoyon nung kokito oku isu koumoligan om kotumbayaan maamaso abaabayan? Poingkuro oku do poporuput?

Milo kou miromut miampai do tinimungan Koumoligan om Kotumbayaan montok poporuput isu om papatod misij potilombus id Telegram kumaa @wikimania2022safety (ihumo id bar pogihuman)

Popoindalan oku do sesi om au oku kaanu do tumindapou toi ko' kiwaa kobolingkangan - poingkuro oku popoilo do panganjul?

You can reach out to the Wikimania COT at wikimania@wikimedia.org. As a committee, we will find a way to troubleshoot your matters or to pre-record your session before the Conference.

Wikimania: liwang poingukab

In the period leading up to Wikimania 2022, we will have monthly community "open space" calls, where community members can get all their Wikimania questions and concerns answered.

Our first ever open space happened on Friday, May 20th at 15:00 UTC. Community members could ask questions to the Wikimania 2022 organizers about the submission of a session proposal, applying for a grant or a scholarship, volunteering and general Wikimania doubts, questions and conversations.

Our second open space happened on Friday, June 24th at 18:00 UTC. Community members could ask questions to the Wikimania 2022 organizers about the programming, registration & platform, and general Wikimania doubts, questions and conversations.

Our third open space will happen on Tuesday, August 2nd at 22:00 UTC. Community members can ask questions to the Wikimania 2022 organizers about the programming, registration & platform, and general Wikimania doubts, questions and conversations.

Our fourth open space will happen on Wednesday, August 3rd at 12:00 UTC. Community members can ask questions to the Wikimania 2022 organizers about the programming, registration & platform, and general Wikimania doubts, questions and conversations.

jadual liwang poingukab:
Tadauwulan Timpu (UTC) Pautan do mampayat Nuut Pautan Etherpad
20 Mikat 2022 15:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/opg-npiq-tak Id Inggiris, nga poguhatan nopo nga milo id Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Chinese, Cantonese om Luo. Pautan
24 Mahas 2022 18:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/wtv-rine-ihy Inggiris, nga poguhatan nopo nga milo id Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Chinese, Cantonese om Luo.
2 Magus 2022 22:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/dss-ymgt-few Inggiris, nga poguhatan nopo milo id Arabic, Spanish, om Dutch.
3 Magus 2022 12:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/dzd-toso-cso Inggiris, nga poguhatan nopo milo id Arabic, Spanish, om Dutch, Ukrainian om French.