suŋɛ zi'an

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Summary: If you need any need for technical support including Pheedloop:

For general questions and concerns, please contact

Sokere ti ba soke wakati woo(FAQ)

La san dɛna lasebaarɛ n paɛ se'em zina, bisɛ yire pɛgerɛ nyɛ tuunɛ la

The Event Online

Wikimaniya 2022 kebesi paalɛ! Bala di yeti di ana la ŋwani la beni ti n wan ta'am bisera?

COT la doose la zi'irego tɔka tɔka zo'e zo'e. Nɛreba buuri buuri zo'e zo'e n daa ze'ele ti kebesi la nyɛ nu'o di'ire gana. Yu daa boti sɛla n bo'ori nyiima ti tu nu'o ta'am gurɛ tu boti sɛla la. Tu nini kɔ'ɔm kpa sɛla wan dɛna la tu to'e Saama, ti tu ta'am maalɛ dɛ'ɛma, laheŋɔ la zamesegɔ la so'olumi duma la.

Beni wan ita 'pagesina' la puusin?

Kibesi la pu bɔna la pagesi puan (keynotes,zi'irego, nɛreba la tigera, lɔgerɔ la demesego lɔgerɔ.

Pu'a la naam se'm n ŋwana girega le:

Paka 1,2, la 3:

Bana wa de la tuunsi'a n lɛni taaba sɛgeleŋɔ duma n tari zi'irego yɛsera nɛreba la wikimiidiya tigere (chapters, user groups, thematic organizations, and other recognized movement groups). Tu wan tara yelezura, ba'asegɔ yɛla, lɔgemaalegɔ,dɛ'ɛmala yɛla n pakɛ, so'olumi duma zi'irego n tuleseri ti tu garesɛ tuuma buuri buuri (nɛreba la so'olum)

Nɛtewɛki paka

Dina pa'asɛ la kusebego fɔla zo'e zo'e ti sɛba n wa'am na la wan ta'am nyɛ wikimiidiya duma. Hackathon la wan ita la nɛtewɛkin Paka puan Hackathon saŋa bɔna Dabeserɛ 2 la Dabeserɛ 3.

N wan iŋɛ la ŋwani gulesɛ n n yu'urɛ?

Fu ta'am gulesɛ fu yu'urɛ la

Pɔsera naakɛ'ɛsega ŋmarega Dabesa 25 puan nɛrawoo ta'am gulesɛ a yu'urɛ tara bala de'eŋo la Ba'asegɔ.

How do I change my display name on Pheedloop?

The details you have registered with will be your display name on Pheedloop for the duration of the event. If you would want to change it, please send an email to, with your preferred name and we will adjust this for you as soon as possible.

Daandini la ŋwani ŋwani ti Hackathon de'eŋɔ la ana yuundina wa?

Ba bo Wikimaaniya Hackathon la fɔlego n boi di tɔka yuundina wa ve'ege dabesa pau dabes a 2 Dabeserɛ 2 puan la Dabeserɛ 3 bɔna wikimaaniya ze'ele 16:00-22:00 UTC Dabeserɛ 2 puan la 12:00-17:00 UTC Dabeserɛ 3 puan.

Yizukaŋa bɛɛ ti de'eŋɔ la bɔna yuundina?

Yuundina tu wan tum la Pheedloop yizuo la puan.

Beni n sɔi ti ba loe Pheedloop yizuo la bɔna wikimaaniya 2022?

Yizukuna wa kɔ'ɔm bisa la kusebegk puan hayibirid dɛ'ɛma, Ku tari la api ti tu wan ta'am toŋeyura la  yizuo wa puan. Fu ta'am kaalɛ gu'a n pa'asɛ bɔna bini kalam. Di aŋa diyima n ta'asɛ ti tu loe yizukaŋa de la di baseri mɛ ti tu tana lɛregera tɔgum nɔmba zo'e zo'e  ŋmi'a zi'an. Di bo'ori la loosego zo'e zo'e,  yetɔgetɔgera sɔsega la tuuma kɔ'ɔm kaara  tangalesi la buraawusa duma. Di me kelum basera ti sɛba n Yizi'irego tana ita ba,zi'irego la Jitsi (yu'ure sore yizuo) la lebesego n wan kɛ̃ pheedloop. Fu ta'am kaalɛ zo'e zo'e doose ankana wa la Diff blog wa puan. 

Did you consider open source platforms?

We considered open source and free software platforms such as Workadventure but the price in infrastructure and technical support was high. Platforms such as Jitsi and BigBlueButton were restricted in terms of capacity and without the ability to support multiple languages. We are however exploring the use of Jitsi for session hosts who prefer to host their sessions there. Additionally, a feed from Jitsi will be linked into Pheedloop for attendees to watch and listen.

Are there any platform pre event practice days, so I can learn how to use it?

We will have a FAQ and will be organizing practice days, in the lead up to the event. Check out the pages on the Wikimania Wiki for dates and times.

What language and translation support will there be?

During the conference, there will be language support for all the six UN languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Chinese. During the regional days, special languages will be offered according to the regions: Brazilian Portuguese, Indonesian, Japanese, Hindi, Ukrainian, Turkish and Swahili. So we will have 13 in total across the event!

You can access the translations

Within pheedloop:

By clicking play and selecting your language in the widget underneath the video.

Through your browser:

Through the interactio app on Android or on iOS by using the codes below:

For any sessions in Tent1, use the code WIKIMANIATENT1

For any sessions in Tent2, use the code WIKIMANIATENT2

For any sessions in Tent3, use the code WIKIMANIATENT3

How were these decided on?

The final languages were decided on a basis of number of speakers for the region, number of requests in the community survey, and the community presence for the language being requested.

I’m a newbie! How do I meet others or get some tips from more experienced Wikimedians?

We’ll be having a newcomers help desk throughout Wikimania where you will be able to get some help in navigating Wikimania and meeting experienced Wikimedians. But as we say in the Wikimedia movement - BE BOLD! People enjoy meeting new Wikipedians, so don’t be afraid of reaching out to people.

What about timezones - will everyone be able to join? How will the programming work?

Organizing a global conference to accommodate every timezone possible is a logistical challenge. However, given that this year is organized by regions, it will be easier to connect with your region at Wikimania. You can read more about the timezone slots here:

How do I find out about the different sessions?

The program will be published soon! Watch out for the Wikimania main page, where the final schedule will be published.

Will sessions be recorded so I can watch them back later?

It depends on the session. Some events don’t get recorded. Some speakers might not feel comfortable with having their session recorded. To the extent that’s possible, most sessions will definitely be recorded.

I missed an attendee training on Pheedloop. Is there a way for me to look back at the information that was presented?

Absolutely. You can check out the attendee training here and the slide deck for the session here.

What are the recommended settings for my browser?

Any modern browser and high-speed internet connection is all that's really needed to run PheedLoop itself. The best setup we've found is using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop machine, with an internet connection offering at least 5 Mbps download speed.

Can I access Pheedloop on my mobile device?

Yes! You can find the PheedLoop Go app for Android in this link & IOS App in this link. This is recommended for Mobile. Tablet & Mobile Browser are supported but less recommended.

How does networking work on Pheedloop?

You are able to create (see below) or join a networking space on Pheedloop! Once you have logged into the platform, you can click on the “networking” tab. This will allow you to interact with the people in that networking space. The networking functionality allows you to turn on your video, chat and interact with other people in that same space. Please note that on mobile you will only be able to chat. See this slide deck for more information.

How can I create a networking room?

Click on the “networking” tab in Pheedloop. and either; create your own networking group OR you may join an existing networking group. Please note there is a limit of 25 groups at a time. Each group also has a maximum attendance of 25 people at a time. See this slide deck for more information.

Can I join a local event? How?

There are many Wikimania events being organized all over the world. Check this link to see the many events taking place. If you would like to attend one in your region, please get in touch with the organizers as soon as you can. The details are shared by the event organizers.

Can I interact with a speaker during their session? How?

If a speaker has an interactive session (i.e. session breakout, panel discussion, game) and the speaker has indicated to have participant interaction, you will be able to participate in the session by unmuting yourself and interacting with the session presenters and the wider audience.

Can I watch sessions after they have taken place?

Yes, you can watch sessions that have already taken place on Pheedloop itself. You may also choose to watch sessions on Youtube. Sessions will be made available 24 hours after the live stream has taken place. Depending on the session, you will be able to find them either here or here.

How do I access live interpretation translations during sessions?

You will be able to toggle quite easily within a session to the languages provided through live interpretation. If you are curious which languages are being offered per session, on any given day, you will be able to see it indicated on the program page.

Will there be closed captioning available for sessions?

Closed captioning will be available in English during sessions. The day after the session has taken place, you will find captions in all languages supported by YouTube’s Artificial Intelligence service for closed captioning.

Session Speakers

Need help setting up your session? Please see the Wikimania 2022 festival technology guide

How will I know if my session submission has been successful?

There is a COT email that we will  be sending to you that confirms your submission. After you receive it, you will be notified through email that your submission is being studied and will communicate with you our reply to confirm if you have been successful. After that you will also receive information and instructions for hosting and delivering your session.

What options are there for presenting? Can I pre record or is everything live?

You can go for live or recorded options.

You can be present in the recorded session for a LIVE segment with the audience as well.  

Since the festival’s main focus is  interactive to connect communities, we encourage you to choose the LIVE option

Will there be a walk through / training session for speakers?

Yes, when the sessions are announced and submissions winners are announced as well there will be a training from the Community Development team with a previously shared agenda.

I’m a little shy as I haven't presented much before - any tips?

It’s totally normal and understandable to feel nervous and shy! Things that can help include being well prepared, doing some practice runs and making sure all your tech equipment is working properly so you don’t need to worry about that side of things. Also be yourself and if you are talking about something you are passionate about and enjoy - that will come through! Also remember that everyone presenting is in the same boat and we hope everyone enjoys the experience of sharing knowledge, so don’t feel too pressured to be perfect!

How will I be able to communicate or chat with the event organizers in the run up and during the event?

Session hosts and presenters will be emailed information about their session and they will be able to write back with any further questions, which we will endeavor to answer. During the event there will be a Telegram chat channel for any real time general and technical questions. We will also have support from our production company as well as online event staff to help make the process smooth on the day.

Grants & Scholarships

I submitted an application for an affiliate grant or individual scholarship - when will I know if I have this approved?

The organizing team has given updates on whether the application has been approved. Affiliates have received updates in late June or early July. Individuals have received an update by mid-July.

When will the funds be transferred?

The funds will be transferred from July to late August. Exact timing of the transfer for specific scholarship receivers will depend on how quickly the person or the affiliate will respond to the grants administration team and provide all necessary information for processing the payment.

How will Individual Scholarships be reviewed and awarded?

Once all surveys have successfully been completed and therefore all of the data has been collected, the Core Organizing Team (COT) will jointly determine which people will be eligible as Individual Scholarship Recipients. The COT will give preference to people from Emerging Communities, first time Wikimania participants, and female and non-binary applicants.

When will I receive feedback around my Individual Scholarship Application?

The Individual Scholarship Submission Process ended on 03 June 2022, was extended for a period of approximately one week and then officially closed on 14 June 2022. The COT and the Wikimania Grants and Scholarships Team have reviewed 400+ completed Individual Applications. It's important to note that only 200 Individual Scholarships will be funded.

You can expect to receive a confirmation email from the Wikimania Team, of whether or not your application has been approved, approximately one month prior to Wikimania 2022.

It is significant to highlight that precisely 15 Individual Applications will be processed each week (due to the complexity of processing international transactions), until all selected applicants have successfully received financial support. This means that even after Wikimania 2022 has concluded, Scholarship Applicants that have received confirmation of funding will still receive their Scholarship remitted from the Wikimedia Foundation.

How can I let people know I am running an in person affiliate event? What help is there with promotion?

The Wikimania program will be shared on all platforms, including social media. The COT has a communications team that is happy to support by posting additional information provided about in-person run programs. You can also reach out to the Movement Communications regional specialist for your area, for support.

In-person Events

Are in person events happening this year too?

Yes, instead of having a big international conference like in the past, we encourage movement groups to organize their local events during Wikimania 2022. Wikimedia affiliates and other movement groups were invited to apply for our grant program to hold their local events. A list of funded applications is available on Meta-Wiki. Please contact your local community for more information. You can see the list of in person events here.


I have an issue logging in to the platform - who can help?

You can ask for help at the Telegram Help Desk Channel of the Conference. Community Members will help you solve all issues and provide you instructions on how to log in and participate in the Conference. As well, you can contact the Wikimania COT at The Wikimania COT will identify technical problems and try to find proper ways to solve them.

What if I see a trust and safety issue during the event? How can I report it?

You can contact the Trust and Safety Team and report issues by sending a direct message on Telegram to @wikimania2022safety (search this in the search bar)

I am running a session and now not able to make it or am having issues - how can I let the organizers know?

You can reach out to the Wikimania COT at As a committee, we will find a way to troubleshoot your matters or to pre-record your session before the Conference.

Wikimania: yo'e fole

Ko'um posɛ wana ma'a ka pai Wikimania 2022, Te wan tara la ŋwarega tisego "yo'e fole" wi'a, Te tisego nɛriba wan yɛ ba Wikimania sokere zaa la sela n daaniba lebesigo.

Tu wia wia paa yo'e fole wa posɛ la Friday, May 20th zi'an 15:00 UTC.Tigesigo nɛriba wan tá soke sokere te Wikimania 2022 zuo doma ba wan enge se'em basɛ ti ba puti're paa nega doma, balum nu tatum bia sikolasip,yesi'ra la sela woo ti Wikimania daanse'ere, sokere la sɔsega.

Tu bɔtá yo'e fole daana wan posɛ la Friday, June 24th zi'an 18:00 UTC.Tansugere nɛriba wa tá soke sokere la ti Wikimania 2022 zuo doma programi la anse'em,Kɛ'a wara la sela woo n bo Wikimania daanse'ere, sokere la sɔsega.

Tu bɔtá yo'e fole daana wa posɛ la Tuesday, August 2nd zi'an 22:00 UTC. Tansugere nɛriba wan tá soke sokere te Wikimania 2022 zuo doma ba wan enge se'em basɛ ti ba puti're paa nega doma, la programi la anse'em, kɛ'a wara la sela woo ti Wikimania daanse'ere, sokere la sɔsega.

Tu bɔnaasi yo'e fole daana wa posɛ la Wednesday, August 3rd zi'an 12:00 UTC. Tansugere nɛriba wan tá soke sokere te Wikimania 2022 zuo doma ba wan enge se'em basɛ ti ba puti're paa nega doma, la programi la anse'em, kɛ'a wara la sela woo ti Wikimania daanse'ere, sokere la sɔsega.

Yo'e fole n dole se'em:
dabeserɛ Wakati (UTC) Tɔkɛ linki Noosi Ethapad Linki
20 May 2022 15:00 UTC N bo Solemine, de sokere tá wan soke Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Chinese, Cantonese and Luo. Linki
24 June 2022 18:00 UTC English, de sokere ta bona la Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Chinese, Cantonese and Luo.
2 August 2022 22:00 UTC English, de sokere tá bona la Arabic, Spanish, and Dutch.
3 August 2022 12:00 UTC English, de sokere tá bona la Arabic, Spanish, Dutch, Ukrainian la French.