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2023 年维基百科将拥有一个大型“点播录制会议”库,供参与者在闲暇时浏览和观看。许多计划申请人已被邀请在维基百科之前向图书馆提交录制的会议,并且欢迎其他人也提交录制的会议

While this library is not part of the main program in its entirety, conference organizers may select outstanding videos from the library to air during breaks or open slots in the program. They will also be encouraging both in-person and virtual attendees to browse and watch on-demand sessions.

Submitting an on-demand video

Conference organizers recommend on-demand videos be kept to 20 minutes, with an ideal length of around 5 minutes. This will help facilitate sharing of these videos.

Participants are encouraged to upload their completed videos to Wikimedia Commons. They must inform the organizers if they uploaded their videos by other means such as uploading the file to NextCloud, YouTransfer, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive.

Once uploaded, video will be added to Category:Wikimania 2023 On-demand program so that conference organizers would be able to see them. Deadline for submission is on Monday, 7 August 2023.

Filming tips

Camera Settings for Android

  1. Touch the Settings icon. Choose Resolution & Quality, a mode and a camera.
  2. Choose a resolution or video quality setting from the list: 30 fps will look like standard video; 60 fps will make captured motion look very smooth.
  3. Choose the 16:9 ratio setting over 4:3.

Camera Settings for iPhone/iPad

  1. On the iPhone, open Settings, then head to "Camera." From here, tap "Record Video," then choose any of the 4K options. Changing it here will switch it in the Camera app immediately.
  2. Select your frame rate: 30 fps will look like standard video; 60 fps will make captured motion look very smooth. If it helps, the Apple default is 30 fps.
  3. Choose the 16:9 ratio setting over 4:3.

Camera Settings for Computer on Video Conferencing Application (such as Jitsi or Zoom)

For further information, see Webcam recording.
  • Open Jitsi or Zoom and press the record symbol. That is on the bottom of the screen.
  • You can save it to your desktop or the cloud, whatever is more convenient for you.
  • Keep in mind that you will have to send us the link of that video so remember where you save it to.


  • If you are using a mobile phone, put your phone in airplane mode and shut down background apps to prevent interruptions.
  • Do not film in a dark environment. Being in a well-lit environment makes all the difference in your video.
  • White light vs. yellow light will capture better. Natural light is the best. If you are by a window, make sure to face the window, not away from it. Turn on any lights that can help light your face from the sides and behind you. Try to avoid using flash.
  • Clean your camera lens. Use an eyeglass cloth if you have one; do not use disposable tissue (especially one with lotion).
  • Make sure there are no distracting background noises or activity. Make sure you are in a quiet area. Do your best to turn off any fans, air conditioners, TVs, or anything else that is projecting noise.
  • Make sure you have at least one clip with clear flow and a beginning and ending cadence. Send us your best video, usually it will take 3 takes to get the best one.


If you are filming with your phone make sure you are filming in a landscape orientation. This will ensure your video doesn’t have black empty spaces on the side. Your video will take up more of the screen and people will be able to see you better.


Now that you're recording in the proper orientation, completely fill the frame with your subject. Make sure your head is not being cut by the camera, there must be space between the top and bottom of your head and the screen. You will need to make sure you are not too close to the camera.

Stabilizing and Smooth Footage

If recording with a smartphone try to remember to do the following:

  • Keep the phone close to your body.
  • Rest your elbows on a nearby object for stability.
  • Use your body to absorb bounces and shakes.
  • Try and prop your phone so that it stays still, if you have a tripod or phone mount, even better.

Quality Control

Watch your video(s) and make sure the audio sounds good, and that the lighting looks good too. Don't be afraid to reshoot and do it again.