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2021:Submissions/Cross-wiki ideological conflict and Wikimedia's vision of knowledge equity

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This session is a personal reflection on several painful cross-wiki edit conflicts that have seen different language Wikipedia's coverage of the same topic disagree along pre-existing geopolitical lines represented by those language communities. Our coverage of controversial topics is increasingly susceptible to governments and corporations' influence on "reliable" media. Ethnopolitical conflicts are hardened by media echo chambers.

This submission will demonstrate our reliance on "reliable sources" will increasingly conflict with the Wikimedia 2030 vision on knowledge equity. Wikimedia will need to move beyond our current position as a tertiary source, and lead the generation of knowledge in a global conversation.

Session Outcomes

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Volunteers should be motivated to maintain cross-wiki, cross-cultural relationships to help maintain a global conversation that can improve understanding between different Wikimedia communities.

Staff should be motivated to put resources into knowledge generation and leading international standards.

Movement strategists, both staff and volunteers, should be challenged to make changes to some of our established policies (e.g. reliable sources) for the sake of the Wikimedia 2030 strategy.

I'm planning to attend this session live!

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