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Are you planning to attend Wikimania?

What a great idea! You will be able to meet about a thousand of the most prominent, interesting and awesome people within the free knowledge movement; Wikimedians from across the world and our partners and friends here in Stockholm. Our aim with this page is to collect all information you may need in order to get to Stockholm, attend the conference and help make the conference a success! If you have any questions you don't find the answers to here, you may write a line on the talk page.


Kadar yuran pendaftaran akan disahkan kemudian.

Wikimania 2019 follows a slightly different format as compared to previous Wikimanias. 19 Spaces will form the core of the program, revolving around the theme of "Stronger Together: Wikimedia, Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals." So far, Michael Peter Edson from the Museum of the United Nations - UN Live is confirmed as a keynote speaker! Calls for submissions closed on 9 June. More information on the submissions can be found here.


Lihat bimbingan perjalanan untuk maklumat lanjut tentang penginapan.

Program Biasiswa Yayasan Wikimedia menawarkan bilangan biasiswa yang terhad untuk kos perjalanan, yuran pendaftaran persidangan, dan penginapan individu yang terpilih untuk menghadiri Wikimania dengan pembiayaan dari Yayasan Wikimedia (WMF). Tarikh tutup bagi permohonon biasiswa ialah 15 Mac 2019. Sila lihat laman biasiswa.