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16–19 August 2023, Singapore and Online
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What be Wikimania scholarship?

  • Individuals – Scholarship be grant wey dem dey give to individual so say e go enable dem attend Wikimania 2023 in person. Dem achieve dis thru de Wikimedia Foundation dey provide funds wey go cover flights, transport, accommodation, den registration fees.
  • Partial scholarships san so dey wey go cover accommodation, registration fees.

Note: Registration fees dey include access go de venue as well food & drinks during breaks.

Timeline for applications

What be de timeline give de Wikimania 2023 scholarship applications?

  • Dem open applications for Thursday, 12 January 2023 wey dem go close for Sunday, 5 February 2023 AoE (Anywhere for Earth top).
  • Dem go notify results by May 2023 wey dem go post list of successful applicants for de Scholarship page for hie.

What be de submission process give de Wikimania scholarship?

  • Applications via LimeSurvey, Wikimedia Foundation server host am.

Who dey review de submissions give de Wikimania Scholarship?

De Scholarships Committee go review submissions dem receive during de application period.

How dem review de submissions give de Wikimania Scholarship?

  • Dem assess am by merit for response come de questions dem biz
  • Dem distribute across regions – der go be waitlist give each region in case somebro decline demma offer.

For general, we dey expect de workflow for final decisions to go thru de steps wey dey follow:

Step 1: Application submission
Step 2: Email confirmation dem send via Limesurvey
Step 3: De Scholarships Committee review eligibility
Step 4: De Scholarship Committee make funding review den decision
Step 5: Dem notify applicants for de decision wey dem go biz for information so say e go enable we book transport den accommodation
Step 6: Booking den confirmation for transport den accommodation

Wer I go fi find support/help during de Wikimania application process?

De Core Organizing Team give Wikimania go provide support thru office hours dem offer by region den thru questions dem dey answer wey dey come for wikimaniascholarships(_AT_)wikimedia.org insyd In general, dis support go cover:

  • Questions dem dey clarify for de submissions top den funds dem request
  • De Dos den Don’ts for application submissions
  • Next steps after resubmissions
  • What if dem no fund me

Note: Dem go organise den pay successful applicants demma travel, accommodation. Dem go provide you plus registration link


De scholarships be for first time Wikimania participants per?

  • We go priortize applications from dos wey best fulfill de criteria wey dem dey contribute come de Wikimania experience wey dem dey enhance demma region afterwards.

I no be part of affiliate. I go fi apply for scholarship?

  • Individuals go fi apply for de individual scholarship, for both full den partial scholarships.

I go fi submit my application for different language insyd oda dan English?

  • Yes, dem allow make applicants submit de application for different language insyd oda dan English although dem prefer English.

What be de funding limit?

  • Dollar amount or value no dey give individual scholarships, der go be balanced selection process across all regions

I go fi submit applications for scholarship after de deadline?

  • To ensure say dem go release final decision results on-time secof fairness for oda applicants, dem no go accept late applications. Dem recommend say dem go submit applications at least few days before de deadline so say dem go avoid dey miss am.

How dem go notify applicants for scholarships for de results?

  • Dem go use de email address wey dem provide to notify individual whether demma application be successful or not. Dem go contact all applicants for sum point, regardless of de result.

Applicants give individual scholarships go fi edit demma application after submission?

  • Dem recommend say applicants draft demma application carefully den ensure say dem talk everything dem hia talk before submission.

How dem go review den award Individual Scholarships?

  • Once dem plete all surveys successfully wey therefore dem collect all de data, de Scholarship Committee go jointly determine wey people go be eligible recipients

Note: De COT dey recommend sum level of English give travellers wey dem dey volunteer for de event. We beg make you no submit application twice; dis dey create chaw additional job give reviewers

Reporting den next steps

What be de requirements give reporting?

  • Dis year, in lieu for reporting, we dey biz scholars make dem support by volunteering for de event. We go job plus you make you find volunteer role wey dey suit your needs, skills den experience. Dem encourage reporting for volunteer basis.

I apply for scholarship buh I no get am. Now nu, what make I do?

  • If dem no select you make you receive scholarship from de Wikimedia Foundation, we dey strongly recommend you make you get in touch plus affiliate for your region insyd. Dem go fi run demma own scholarship program or host local event!

Wen I go receive feedback around my Individual Scholarship Application?

  • Offers go start dey go out for April insyd, dis go fi take couple of weeks sa sum meople demma circumstances go fi prevent dem make dem accept. Dem go fi refer oda applicants come demma local affiliates if you choose dat option. Dem go notify all applicants of demma outcome as quickly as possible.

If I no fi attend Singapore in person, how I go fi participate?

  • Der go be option make you join virtually as e go get elements of hybrid event.
  • You go fi choose den organize watch party, local event plus activities, or make you build your event around participation for Wikimania ein programme insyd. Dis year though we no go fund Wikimania satellite events wey komot de Wikimania grants fund, dem go fi request funding give de meetup via de regular grant process.
  • If you get scholarship no be prerequisite make you attend Wikimania; you sanso go fi register make you attend as long as you fi to cover your own cost.

I get more questions wey dem no dey for dis FAQ insyd.

You go fi email: wikimania-scholarships(_AT_)wikimedia.org

or sanso add your questions go de help page.