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16–19 August 2023, Singapore and Online
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De page wey dey follow dey describe de process for Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) scholarships. Sum oda chapters den organizations san so dey offer scholarships:

Wikimania 2023 go be reimagining de way in which chaw activities go be available, de scholarship process be part of dat reimagination. For 2023 de Core Organising team go offer different types of scholarships;

  1. Travel go Singapore: both full den partial scholarships. As dem occur before 2020 der go be sum limitations den conditions;
    1. Full scholarship go provide travel, accommodation, den registration.
    2. Partial scholarship go provide accommodation, den registration.
  2. Satellite Events: Affiliates or project groups go apply thru de WMF grant process for funding, COT fi support applications den technical needs give live links come Wikimania.

All full den partial scholars go get de option make dem do volunteer tasks during Wikimania, as WMF Travel Insurance policy go cover volunteers scholars. De volunteers go fi include 2 hours for Expo table top, room angel (etherpad notes, dem go share online questions to speakers), or dem go upload session videos go Commons. Volunteering for 2 or more hours go fi make dem consider sufficient so say dem no go require written report, wey de Scholarship team go verify am during Wikimania.

Dates wey dey hia

De tymline give de WMF Scholarship Program be as follows:

Travel Scholarship applications

  •  Done Open: Thursday, 12 January 2023.
  •  Done Deadline make you apply for scholarships: Sunday, 5 February 2023 for .
  •  Done De WMF Trust & Safety demma Phase 1 eligibility assessment: mid-February (no notification about de outcome).
  • De Scholarship Committee demma Phase 2 in-depth evaluations: March
  •  Done Offers are being sent on a rolling basis to successful applicants: April 21 – May
  • Dem go notify applicants about final decisions: May
  • Dem publish de full list of recipients for Wikimania Wiki top: May

For further details for de application requirements, evaluation, den to apply spy: 2023:Scholarships/Travel Scholarship application

Satellite Events

WMF Grants process go schedule den fund satellite events as part of affiliates/ project groups usual activities. Request for live links directly go Wikimania

Wikimedia Affiliates may use funds already obtained through the Wikimedia Foundation General Support Fund to run a satellite event, even if a satellite event was not initially included in their GSF proposal. General Support Fund grantees have the ability to move funds around their budget as needed, and, per the General Support Fund agreement, the Foundation only requests that Program Officers be informed if that variance is more than 20% from the original proposal. We encourage all affiliates interested in hosting a satellite event to list their event details on the satellite event subpage, so that affiliates may coordinate between themselves, encouraging collaboration and connection amongst Wikimedians and to better promote their events.

  • De finalize list of Events for July insyd
  • Affiliates wanting to livestream into Wikimania should get in touch with the programming subcommittee of the Core Organizing Team at wikimania(_AT_)wikimedia.org as soon as they have the details of their event.
  • COT go support event connections for Singapore insyd

Please use the talk page for discussing ideas.


For more information about de Wikimedia Foundation Scholarships Program, we beg visit de frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

If you get any questions, we beg contact: wikimania-scholarships@wikimedia.org or leave message for: 2023 talk:Scholarships.