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16–19 Ogos 2023, Singapura dan Dalam Talian
Kepelbagaian. Kerjasama. Masa Depan.

Apakah biasiswa Wikimania?

  • Individuals – A scholarship is a grant given to an individual to enable them to attend Wikimania 2023 in person. This is achieved through the Wikimedia Foundation providing funds that will cover flights, transport, accommodation, and registration fees.
  • There are also partial scholarships which will cover accommodation, registration fees.

Note: Registration fees include access to the venue as well food & drinks during breaks.

Garis masa permohonan

What is the timeline for the Wikimania 2023 scholarship applications?

  • Applications open on Thursday, 12 January 2023 and close on Sunday, 5 February 2023 AoE (Anywhere on Earth).
  • Results will be notified by May 2023 and a list of successful applicants will be post on the Scholarship page here.

What is the submission process for the Wikimania scholarship?

  • Permohonan melalui LimeSurvey, dihoskan di pelayan Yayasan Wikimedia.

Who reviews the submissions for the Wikimania Scholarship?

Submissions received during the application period will be reviewed by the Scholarships Committee.

How are the submissions reviewed for the Wikimania Scholarship?

  • Assessed by merit in response to the questions asked
  • Distributed across regions – there will be a waitlist for each region should someone decline their offer.

In general, we expect the workflow for final decisions to go through the following steps:

Langkah 1: Hantar permohonan
Langkah 2: Sahkan e-mel yang dihantar melalui Limesurvey
Step 3: Eligibility review by the Scholarships Committee
Step 4: Funding review and decision made by the Scholarship Committee
Step 5: Applicants notified of the decision and will be asked for information to enable us to book transport and accommodation
Langkah 6: Tempahan dan pengesahan pengangkutan dan penginapan

Where can I find support/help during the Wikimania application process?

The Core Organizing Team for Wikimania will provide support through office hours offered by region and through answering questions coming in to wikimaniascholarships(_AT_)wikimedia.org In general, this support will cover:

  • Clarifying questions on the submissions and funds requested
  • The Dos and Don’ts of application submissions
  • Langkah seterusnya selepas menghantar semula
  • What if I don’t get funded

Note: Successful applicants travel, accommodation will be organised and paid for. You will be provided with a registration link


Adakah biasiswa hanya bagi peserta kali pertama ke Wikimania?

  • We will be prioritizing applications from those who best fulfill the criteria of contributing to the Wikimania experience and for enhancing their region afterwards.

I am not part of an affiliate. Can I apply for a scholarship?

  • Individuals are able to apply for the individual scholarship, for both full and partial scholarships.

Bolehkah saya hantar permohonan saya dalam bahasa yang lain daripada bahasa Inggeris?

  • Yes, applicants are allowed to submit the application in a different language other than English although English is preferred. The scholarship reviewers will try their best to review the application.

Berapakah had dana?

  • There is no dollar amount or value for individual scholarships, there will a balanced selection process across all regions

Bolehkah saya hantar permohonan untuk biasiswa selepas tarikh tutup?

  • To ensure that final decision results are released on-time in fairness to other applicants, late applications will not be accepted. It is recommended that applications are submitted at least a few days before the deadline to avoid missing it.

Bagaimana pemohon biasiswa akan dimaklumkan tentang keputusan?

  • The email address provided on the application will be used to notify an individual of whether their application has been successful or not. All applicants will be contacted at some point, regardless of the result.

Bolehkah pemohon biasiswa individu menyunting permohonannya selepas menghantarnya?

  • It is recommended that applicants draft their application carefully and ensure they say everything they need to say before submission.

Bagaimanakah Biasiswa Individu akan disemak dan dianugerahkan?

  • Once all surveys have successfully been completed and therefore all of the data has been collected, the Scholarship Committee will jointly determine which people will be eligible recipients

Note: The COT recommends some level of English for travellers and volunteering at the event. Please do not submit an application twice; this creates a lot of additional work for reviewers

Pelaporan dan langkah seterusnya

Apakah syarat pelaporan?

  • This year, in lieu of reporting, we are asking scholars to support by volunteering at the event. We will work with you on finding a volunteer role that suits your needs, skills and experience. Reporting on a volunteer basis is encouraged.

Saya mohon biasiswa tetapi tidak mendapatkannya. Apakah saya patut buat sekarang?

  • Jika anda tidak terpilih untuk menerima biasiswa daripada Yayasan Wikimedia, kami amat menggalakkan anda menghubungi anggota gabungan di rantau anda. Mereka mungkin menjalankan rancangan biasiswa mereka yang tersendiri atau menganjurkan acara tempatan!

Bilakah saya akan menerima maklum balas tentang Permohonan Biasiswa Individu saya?

  • Offers will start going out in April, this may take a couple of weeks as some people's circumstances may prevent them from accepting. Other applicants will be referred to their local affiliates if you choose that option. All applicants will be notified of their outcome as quickly as possible.

Jika saya tidak dapat hadir bersemuka di Singapura, bagaimana saya dapat sertai?

  • There will be an option to join virtually as it will have elements of being a hybrid event.
  • You may choose to organize a watch party, a local event with activities, or build your event around participation in Wikimania’s programme. This year though we will not be funding Wikimania satellite events from the Wikimania grants fund, funding for the meetup can be requested via the regular grant process.
  • Getting a scholarship is not a prerequisite for attending Wikimania; you can also register to attend as long as you can cover your own cost.

Saya ada banyak soalan tetapi tiada dalam FAQ ini.

Anda boleh mencari pautan mesyuarat di sini. Anda juga boleh e-mel: wikimania-scholarships(_AT_)wikimedia.org

or also add your questions to the help page.