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This year Wikimania we wanted to include as many people to join this year's event. For your convenience we try to accommodate several aspects to ensure the comfort of the attendees.

Accessibility during Wikimania


We have placed numerous clear and prominent signs throughout the event venue to aid in wayfinding and help you easily identify locations and directions. Additionally, we have dedicated volunteers available at terminals 1 & 3 of the airport on August 14th from 9am to 5pm to assist you to find a way to public transportation. Please note that while they are there to provide support, they will not be able to accompany you or pick you up personally.


There are currently no assistive listening devices or sign language interpreters available for the event. However, we do have designated room angels who will ensure that you are prioritized for a front seat near the presenter to enhance your experience. If you have any specific requirements or need further assistance, please let us know before the event or the session starts.


We understand the importance of accessibility for all attendees and have taken measures to accommodate special requirements regarding mobility. Here are the provisions we have made:

  • Proximity to entrance: We have ensured that accessible seating areas are located near the entrance for ease of access.
  • Ramp and/or elevator access: Ramps and elevators are available to facilitate movement between different levels of the venue.
  • Accessible restroom: There are designated accessible bathrooms equipped with necessary facilities for your convenience. There will be one accessible restroom located in between each public restroom.
  • Barrier-free pathways: We have made sure that the open space in the event area is free from barriers to enable smooth movement.
  • Wide doorways and aisles: Doorways and aisles are designed to be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and assistive walking devices.
  • No loose cables and audio visual equipment across walking areas: We have secured all cables to prevent any hazards and maintain a safe environment.

Other Notes

Gender neutral toilet symbol

At our event, we take into consideration various other requirements to ensure inclusivity and comfort for all attendees. Here are some of the additional provisions we have made:

  • Scent-free room: We didn’t use any scents in the room. As we consider scent-free rooms for individuals who have sensitivities or allergies to scents, providing a safe and comfortable space.
  • Gender-neutral toilet: We understand the importance of gender inclusivity and have provided gender-neutral toilet to accommodate all gender identities.
  • Diet restrictions: We have asked you during registration whether you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences to accommodate your provided meals during the event.
  • Captioning and translation for online participation: For online participants, we offer captioning and translation services to ensure everyone can engage and understand the content presented.
  • Designated staff and volunteers to help you: There will be Wikimedia Foundation staff and volunteers to be attentive and supportive, ready to assist you with any needs or questions you may have throughout the event.
  • Quiet Room: Sometimes a crowd can be overwhelming, for this reason you are welcome to visit this room during the event. This will be in the Hackathon room 308 at the back of the room and at an elevated side level at Gardens by the Bay.