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2023:Related events/WikiKata Bulan Bahasa

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WikiKata Bulan Bahasa/Wiktionary Basics Workshop
[edit | edit source]

A 2-hour Wiktionary training and edit-a-thon in conjunction with Singapore’s Malay language month (Bulan Bahasa) with Singaporean secondary students and the public. The event will primarily focus on constructing Malay sentences based on existing Malay lemmas in the English Wiktionary as usage examples. The event also will be joined by other global Wikimania participants.

Bulan Bahasa is held every August in Singapore to celebrate Singapore’s national language and one of the four Singapore’s official languages.

Please bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone for the event.

Session Schedule
Time Duration Topic
16.45-17.00 15 mins Introduction to Wiktionary Editing
17.00-17.15 15 mins Editing session
17.15-17.30 15 mins Usage example editing
17.30-18.30 60 mins Editathon session
18.30-19.00 30 mins Editathon results

The event will be open for Wikimania participants as Wiktionary Basics Workshop. For Wikimania participants, it is encouraged for participants to create Malay lemmas in their respective language edition Wiktionary like French Wiktionary in conjunction with Singapore’s Malay language month. The event will be joined by local Singaporeans as well.

The event is in collaboration with the Singapore Malay Language Council of the National Heritage Board and Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia.

For any enquiries, contact info@wikimedia.org.my.

Format sample[edit | edit source]

To add a new lemma of a language into English Wiktionary, follow the format sample below. The format sample is for the Malay noun “kedai” in the English Wiktionary.


# [[shop]]
#: {{ux|ms|Saya membeli pakaian di '''kedai''' baru.|I buy clothes in the new '''shop'''.}}

For other parts of speech, simply change the heading and the headword template into the appropriate part of speech. For example, Malay verbs use {{ms-verb}}. Lemma formats vary for each Wiktionary edition. For example, the lemma format for Malay Wiktionary is different from the lemma format for English Wiktionary.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Participants[edit | edit source]

If you are interested, you can sign your username below:

  • Sign your name here and the language you want to add
  • ToprakM (talk) Turkish

All participants’ edit progress will be counted in the Outreach Dashboard

Event info

  • Date
Tuesday, 15 August 2023
  • Time
16.45 - 19.00 UTC+8
  • Venue
Room 311, Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre

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