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Esté atento a este espacio para recibir actualizaciones periódicas a medida que el Equipo organizador principal (COT) y el Comité Directivo (SC) avanzan en la planificación de Wikimanía 2023.


20 de septiembre de 2022

  • La convocatoria de voluntarios ha concluido para la Fase 1. ¡Gracias a todas las personas que generosamente se han inscrito! Habrá más oportunidades de voluntariado, ya que necesitaremos más ayuda a medida que se acerque Wikimanía. Puedes visitar 2023:Voluntarios para saber más.

El Equipo Organizador Central de Wikimanía 2023 y ESEAP agradecen su apoyo, y aún habrá más oportunidades si aún no se ha registrado.

What happens next: The COT will review the offers on what areas volunteers have indicated. Some of the immediate roles will require volunteers to undergo a Wikimedia Foundation Trust & Safety review as signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) due to having access to private information. Once this is completed, we will send invitations to join a subcommittee.

Don't despair, this phase will take some time, and our focus will be on the areas that the COT need to get underway early, like the Scholarship teams. As a hybrid event, Wikimania will be merging two events (in-person and online) so there will be many opportunities coming up.

As the COT starts testing options, we will also call on you to participate in those discussions, using various tools that will be available.

If you have missed this call, there still is an ongoing call for volunteers as we are still imagining what is possible. Please go over to the volunteer page on 2023:Volunteer for more information.

12 de septiembre de 2022

  • Call for volunteers put out on multiple channels – Wikimedia-L, Telegram groups, Facebook groups, on-wiki. Deadline 19 September 2022.

5 de septiembre de 2022

  • The call for 2023 Core Organising Team has been closed with the new teams members notified

1 de septiembre de 2022

  • COT, Steering Committee, WMF discussing
    • integration of the IRL, Online, Satellite event formats
    • venue options
    • timeline of preparations for program submissions, scholarships, and satellite events
  • Phabricator ticket to request Wikimania.wikimedia.org be made ready for 2023
  • COT & SC are exploring a deeper dive into the impact of Wikimania features, activities, and formats

26 de agosto de 2022

  • Ciudad:Singapur – confirmada
  • Fwchas: julio/agosto -
  • COT: growing see above call out
  • Theme: Power of diverse collaboration: Sharing knowledge brings people togethertentative original theme for 2020

Diseño del evento