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Хакатон в рамках Викимании 2021 будет проведён онлайн 13 августа, начало в 05:00 UTC. Нашей целью является предоставление места для сбора технического сообщества и пригласить людей, которые хотят участвовать в разработке MediaWiki и во многих других областях в технической экосистеме Wikimedia.

С чего начать

  • You can watch the opening session at any time on YouTube or on Commons.
  • Join the social channels of the hackathon to get in touch with other participants
  • Have a look at the hackathon Phabricator board to see if there are projects where you could get involved. Feel free to add comments on tasks to manifest your interest and get in touch with the task owner.
  • Have a look at the schedule to see if there are any interesting sessions for you

Social channels

There are usually various ways to connect with the other participants. Here are a few channels where people are likely to gather and chat:

  • Talk page on wiki
  • The hashtag #wmhack on Twitter
  • Social Jitsi room: this is a space where people can hang out and chat (voice or video) while attending the hackathon. No specific program is taking place in this room.

On all channels and platforms related to the hackathon, the Code of Conduct for Wikimedia's Technical Spaces applies. Please check its content and actively engage in keeping the social channels a safe and friendly place for all participants. If you need to talk to someone or to report an issue, feel free to contact the Trust and Safety team on this Telegram group or to write to techconduct@wikimedia.org.

Propose a project or a session

During the Wikimania hackathon 2021, everyone is free to suggest projects they plan to spend time on, tasks they plan to work on, or sessions to host in the schedule.

To propose a project that you plan to work on:

  • Please add or create a task in the Projects column of the Phabricator board.
  • Make sure to describe the task in an understandable way, so people can understand what it is about.
  • In the task description, add any information that will help new people join your project or that describes what you welcome help with: additional links, what kind of help or skills you are looking for, how to contact you, Telegram group for your project, related session in the program, etc.
  • Feel free to advertise your project on the hackathon social channels. As there is no traditional “project matching” session, this is the easiest way to reach potential contributors.

To schedule a session:

  • First, look at the schedule to see if a similar idea has already been scheduled, and to check what are the available time slots and rooms. (the hackathon is running from August 13th, 5am UTC (7am CEST) to August 14th, 5am UTC, and two sessions rooms are available on Jitsi)
  • Please create a task in the Sessions column of the Phabricator board, using this template.
  • As soon as the task is created, you can schedule your session by adding it in the schedule, filling in one of the table cells. Please add the name of your session and the link to the Phabricator task.
  • Important: as a session facilitator, you must ensure that the Code of Conduct for Wikimedia's Technical Spaces will be respected during the session. We encourage you to find at least one co-facilitator to help you with this.


The hackathon showcase is a gathering where everyone has the opportunity to present what they have been working on.

It will take place on Day 5 of Wikimania, on Tuesday, August 17th. It will be in two parts:

More details about the projects can be found here.


The main organizers for the Wikimania 2021 hackathon are Elfego Solares (WMF), Srishti Sethi (WMF) and Léa Lacroix (WMDE). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.

In order to contact other hackathon participants or get involved in the projects, please check the participants list and the social channels.

If you need to report a Code of Conduct issue, feel free to contact the Trust and Safety team on this Telegram group or to write to techconduct@wikimedia.org.