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Axa sia nye nya siwo wozãna zi geɖe na Wikimania 2023 be woatsɔ akpɔ egbɔ be nusiwo ŋu wole nu ƒom tsoe la me kɔ, ne numekɔkɔ biabia aɖe le asiwò la, taflatse na COT me tɔ aɖe nanya. Nuŋlɔɖi sia nye nuŋlɔɖi si le dzidzim ɖe edzi eye wòaƒo nu tso nukpɔsusuwo ŋu ne wole wo wɔm;

  • COT - Ðoɖowɔha Vevitɔ. Enye nutoa me tɔwo ƒe ƒuƒoƒo si ƒo Wikimania nu ƒu le ƒe aɖe me
  • 'SC - Mɔfiame Kɔmiti. Wikimedia lɔlɔ̃nu faa dɔwɔlawo ƒe kɔmiti si nɔa anyi ɖaa si wɔa dɔ kple Wikimedia Foundation tsɔ fiaa mɔ Wikimania takpekpea ƒe ɖoɖowɔwɔ, si me COT kple Wikimania teƒea tiatia hã le.
  • Hybrid - nudzɔdzɔ bliboa si me internet dzi kple ame ŋutɔ ƒe dɔwɔnawo siaa dzɔna le
  • Ame ŋutɔ - dɔwɔnawo le Singapore siwo do ƒome kple Wikimania
  • Internet dzi - to dijitaal kadodowo dzi
    • Takpekpe ƒe mɔnu - internet dzi nyatakakadzraɖoƒe/mɔ̃ɖaŋununya si na woate ŋu akaka Singapore ƒe Wikimania ƒe tata ɖe xexeame katã.
  • Satellite nudzɔdzɔwo - kpekpewo kple ŋkuléle ɖe kplɔ̃ɖoƒe siwo le edzi yim le Wikimania ƒe ɣeyiɣiwo me le du bubuwo me
    • Satellite ƒe kpekpeɖeŋu — gadodo na satellite nudzɔdzɔwo
  • Gakpekpeɖeŋu — Gakpekpeɖeŋu na mɔzɔzɔ be yeade Wikimania le Singapore le ame ŋutɔ ŋkume
    • Gakpekpeɖeŋu blibo — mɔzɔzɔ, dzeƒe kple ŋkɔ ŋɔŋlɔ
    • Gakpekpeɖeŋu ƒe Akpa aɖe — gakpekpeɖeŋu si woatsɔ akpe ɖe mɔzɔzɔ, dzeƒe, kple ŋkɔ ŋɔŋlɔ ƒe gazazãwo xexe ŋu
  • Kpekpeɖeŋunana amewo - gakpekpeɖeŋu be woatsɔ axe gazazã siwo ku ɖe gomekpɔkpɔ le didiƒe ŋu, abe bandwidth ƒe gazazãwo, dɔwɔnu tɔxɛwo, ɖeviwo dzikpɔkpɔ, kple bubuawo ene.
  • Expo kɔƒe - teƒe si woaɖee afia, awɔ WMF ƒe dɔwo abe Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Wikisource, Wiki Loves xxxxxx kple bubu geɖewo afia.
  • UCoC – refers to the Wikimedia Movement's Universal Code of Conduct. It defines a minimum set of guidelines of expected and unacceptable behaviour and applies to everyone who interacts and contributes to online and offline Wikimedia projects and spaces.
  • U4CBC - refers to the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C) Building Committee
  • Trust and Safety or T&S – refers to a Wikimedia Foundation department that identifies, builds and – as appropriate – supports processes which keep our communities safe. They are the main enforcement team that implements the Universal Code of Conduct. To know more, visit this site.
  • Digital Safety – is a dedicated space where a person can seek guidance, support, and resources related to online safety and security. It is staffed by professionals knowledgeable in the field of digital rights, online privacy, cybersecurity, and related areas including a mix of Foundation staff and trusted partners.
  • MS – refers to the Wikimedia Movement Strategy
  • MCDC – refers to the Movement Charter Drafting Committee
  • BoT – refers to the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
  • AffCom – refers to the Wikimedia Affiliations Committee, a committee responsible for Wikimedia affiliates
  • RFC – refers to the Regional Funding Committee
  • Hackathon – a portmanteau of "hacking" and "marathon", is an event where people engage in rapid and collaborative engineering over a relatively short period of time.
  • Editathon – portmanteau of "edit" and "marathon", is an event where some editors of online communities such as Wikipedia, Wikivoyage edit and improve a specific topic or type of content. The events typically include basic editing training for new editors.
  • Mapathon – portmanteau of "map" and "marathon", is an event where some editors of online communities such as Wikidata and OpenStreetMap edit and improve mapping or cartography related content.
  • Datathon – portmanteau of "data" and "marathon", is an event where some editors of Wikidata edit and improve statements, lexemes and many others.
  • Photowalk – is a communal activity of photographers or camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that interest them.
  • World Cafe – is a structured conversational process for knowledge sharing in which groups of people discuss a topic at several small tables like those in a café. The assumption is that collective discussion can encourage collective action.
  • Program – all activities taking place.
  • Time
    • UTC – standardized time to be used for online activities
    • SGT – Singapore time to used for in-person activities, (SGT is UTC +8)
    • AoE – Anywhere on Earth, standard closing time of all submissions, applications
  • ICA – Singapore's Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
  • HSA – Singapore's Health Sciences Authority
  • MRT – Mass Rapid Transit, refers to Singapore's public rail system
  • Watch party – where Wikimedians gather to watch recorded or live sessions of Wikimania.
  • WMF – refers to the Wikimedia Foundation.