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WikiMapathon jeudi 17 août

The Wikimaps User Group organizes WikiMapathon, a series of mappy activities at Wikimania 2023 on 17 August. Join the mapathon, present your project at the popup session or join one of the presentations sessions.

Time UTC Duration Space Program
Mapathon session
Contact person: Eugene Alvin Villar (Seav)
11:15–12:45 03:15–04:45 90 min Expo Space Area The mapping session takes place in the Expo Space Area without presentation equipment. Bring your computers and mobile phones!
  1. Simple mapping party (go around Suntec), or work on a MapRoulette or HOT Tasking Manager project
  2. Hacking on Wikidata Query Service maps visualization (example: metro maps)

If you wish, you can add another mapping activity in this slot!

Popup presentations during lunch
Contact person: Susanna Ånäs (Susannaanas)
12:45–14:15 04:45–06:15 90 min Room 324 (Meetups) In the breakout room, anyone can sign up for a short presentation or pitch: Maps-related lightning talks / show-and-tell demos etc. The session is hybrid with all the usual presentation equipment. If you wish to present remotely, prepare a short video as a backup.
  1. OSM-Wikidata Map Framework, Daniele Santini, remote
  2. Historical mapping, Rectifying old maps with Wikimaps Warper and working with OpenHistoricalMap, Susanna Ånäs
  3. WikiProject Lodging at Wikidata
  4. POI (Perkumpulan OSM Indonesia) (Promoting Indonesia GLAM Institution through OSM-WikiData Mapping), Anjar Akrimullah

Go ahead and add your presentation to the list! You can add a more detailed description on this page below the table.

Plenary presentations
14:15–14:55 06:15–06:55 40 min Plenary Hall OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia: Awesome Together!, Eugene Alvin Villar (seav), Dennis Raylin Chen
14:55–15:15 06:55–07:15 20 min Giving Contexts to Places We Love - The Power of OpenStreetMap and Wikidata, James Amattey
Demos and presentations
15:30–16:30 07:30–08:30 60 min Expo Space Area Demoing the OSM/Wikidata linking tool / Eugene Alvin Villar
16:10–16:20 08:10–08:20 10 min Room 325 Some Indonesian maps are ... problematic, RXerself

Plus d’informations

Here you can add information about your popup session or links to instructions for the mappers, for example.

OSM-Wikidata Map Framework

Presentation/demo about OSM-Wikidata Map Framework (Daniele Santini). The demo will briefly explain some connection patterns and demo how to set-up of the framework. Daniele will participate remotely and pre-record the demo as a backup. Presentation slides Backup recording

Historical mapping

The current state of tools for working with historical maps in Wikimedia. To get familiarized with Open HistoricalMap, see the slides from Old Richmond mapathon/workshop at SotMUS 2023 by Adam Cox (OldInsuranceMaps) and Jeff Meyer (OpenHistoricalMap).


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See commons:Category:Wikimapathon for photos, presentations, and videos related to this event.