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User:Deryck Chan/2022

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Attended both in-person (WMUK in-person Wikimania day at Newspeak House, London) and online (some of it by watching in advance or on catch-up)

Thursday 11 August

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Friday 12 August

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In-person Wikimedia UK meetup in Newspeak House
  • Wikidata for wizards (Nav Evans - really useful collection of links to useful Sparql syntax)
  • Wikidata for beginners (Martin Poulter)
    • Qualifiers and sources to show disputed statements
    • Demonstration of wdt:P31/wdt:P279* functionality
      • Wikidata has 90 million items. Start a query with the most specific filter to avoid timeout!
  • Items of WikiJournal editors - what do we do with them?
  • In-person drinks!
Streamed online

Saturday 13 August

[edit | edit source]
Binge-watching pre-recorded cultural content on catch-up
Other pre-recorded sessions on catch-up (or advance watching)
Also video chat time with old friends and new friends

Sunday 14 August

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