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Hie be de answers to questions about de program submission process dem biz frequently.

If you get oda questions wey dem no dey de FAQ insyd, you fi email email: wikimania(_AT_)wikimedia.org or sanso add your questions go de help page.

Wen Wikimania 2023 dey cam happen?

De core conference dates give Wikimania insyd Singapore be from August 16 go 19, 2023 (Wednesday come Saturday).
  • Dem designate August 15 for meet-ups den coordination work.
  • August 20 be Thematic culture den heritage day, wey dey include outings den site visits.
Spy 2023:Program for more details.

Wen dem accept Wikimania 2023 program submissions?

Dem go accept Program idea submissions from February 28 until March 28, 2023 for (Anywer for Earth top, wey be equivalent to UTC-12).

Wat be dis year ein Wikimania theme?

De theme give Wikimania 2023 be Diversity. Collaboration. Future. Dem intend make e be cross-cutting den make dem apply as lens go all programming ideas
  • Diversity. Wikimania go be sam opportunity wey go showcase regional den thematic groups such as ESEAP as examples of inclusion: different volunteer groups, individuals, den affiliates, for different stages of development den from different cultures wey dey involve demma body closely wey dem san dey collaborate for sam equitable way insyd.
  • Collaboration. As ebi distributed, global event, Wikimania go be way wey you go fit learn from each oda den share knowledge like community initiatives, tools usage, how you fit organize events, governance, online campaigns den edit-a-thons, how you go fit solve Wiki-related problems, den more.
  • Future. Wikimania 2023 go be significant give chaw Wikimedians as forum wey dem go take discuss how dem go implement de 2030 Wikimedia Movement Strategy (#Wikimedia2030), den oda current den future priorities wey wonna movement dey face, from technology go policy around de world.

I get sam fantastic program submission idea. Wat I for consider?

Your submission for get elements wey dey connect at least one of de theme components wey dey align to Diversity, Collaboration, Future. den ideally be interactive, whether sam demonstration anaa sam roundtable discussion. Make you rememba say we go like highlight de great work wey dey happen across all Wikimedia projects, not just de biggest ones. We go san like highlight work wey dey happen for all regions of de movement, especially those wey dey previously under anaa unrepresented for global events.

How ago fit proceed plus my idea submission?

We suggest 11 program tracks so say we go organize den review de submissions later. Abeg make you choose de track wey dey apply best to your session. If you dey feel say de program idea dey apply to sam second theme, make you indicate dis for de submission form insyd. De final tracks of de program go depend for de number den types of submissions we receive den accept top. De suggested tracks for submission be:
  • Community Initiatives
  • Education
  • Equity, Inclusion, den Community Health
  • ESEAP (East, South East Asia, den de Pacific) Region
  • GLAM, Heritage, den Culture
  • Governance
  • Legal, Advocacy, den Risks
  • Open Data
  • Research, Science, den Medicine
  • Technology
  • Wild Ideas
Need some help with suggested topics for the tracks? You can read a selection on this page.

Wer I for submit my program idea?

Dis year, we dey use Pretalx, sam open-source conference organizing tool wey focus on providing de best experience for speakers, organizers, den attendees. We ggo publish submissions for dis wiki top for de program submission process top wey go allow you view if dem submit similar proposals, sam great opportunity wey go connect den collaborate plus oda Wikimedians.

Wat type of program idea submissions be recommended?

As much as possible, we dey encourage workshops den oda interactive sessions for learning. If your program idea be sam focused presentation anaa one-way information share out, why you no go consider say you go submit pre-recorded, on-demand video content, sam short lightning talk, anaa sam poster session for de exhibition space, in-person anaa virtual? Dis year we plan say we go use wonna spacious venue wey we dey hope say we go maximize poster sessions plus times wey dem dedicate say dem go interact plus brilliant people den ideas.
We are accepting a number of different session formats:
  • Live sessions, which can be presented onsite in Singapore, virtually, or hybrid with some participants onsite and others virtual.
  • Pre-recorded or pre-created content (videos or posters), which can be shown as part of the program, part of an exhibition, and/or housed in our on-demand collection for participants to browse and view at any time.
There is space in the form to indicate what session type you are interested in.

We go use sam hybrid set-up for dis year’s Wikimania anaa?

Yes, we be eager say we go create sam balance between onsite den live virtual programming. Additionally, we go like boost wonna program plus pre-recorded videos, on-demand content, den recordings of each day for Singapore insyd wey dem make available as soon as possible, so odas around de world, wey dey include self-organized satellite events, go fit enjoy for sam tym for de day wey be convenient give dem.

How long ideal sessions for dey for each program type?

Abeg msk you see below for suggested tyms den different session types. De actual program sessions go fit differ, wey de programming sub-committee of Wikimania 2023 go fit reach out to you say make you propose sam change for your submission insyd. If none of dese no dey absolutely fit your proposal, you go fit suggest for de custom duration field for de submission form insyd.
  • Lightning talk be: 10 minutes
  • Workshop be: 60 minutes
  • Lecture be: 30 minutes
  • Panel be: 60 minutes
  • Roundtable / open discussion be: 90 minutes
  • Poster session be: 5 minutes
  • Entertainment session be: 30 minutes
  • Odas, such as Video On-Demand (pre-recorded track) be, 30 minutes.

Wey language insyd I go fit submit?

De submission form be available for Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), English, French, den Spanish insyd. You go fit make your program submission for dese languages insyd as well as Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia).

Ago fit submit more than one session?

Yes! You go fit submit more than one session for consideration.

Ago fit edit my submission once dem already submit am?

Yes, Pretalx dey allow you edit your submission afta say you submit am. You go continue get access go your submission through de login you set up for de submission process tym insyd.

Ago fit get co-speakers?

Yes, Pretalx dey allow you designate co-speakers by inputting their email addresses. Your co-speaker(s) for set up sam speaker profile plus demma invite links wey dem send demma emails before dem go cam turn associated for de session insyd for later communications from de programming subcommittee.

Wat if dem no accept my idea submission, wat ago fit do instead?

If dem no accept your submission as you submit am, make you think about how you go contribute pre-recorded short video content wey dem go make available on-demand anaa make you create sam 1 go 3-minute short video wey you dey present your topic like sam virtual poster session.

Wat if my idea topic be similar to others’ demma submissions?

If you see somebody else wey dey propose sam similar topic anaa discussion, we dey encourage collaboration anaa combining efforts. You go fit recreate lectures go panels anaa workshops insyd. Dem go publish submissions for dis wiki top for de process insyd.

Wen ago I go know if dem accept my idea?

We dey aim we go say review de submissions for April insyd den start dey communicate results plus submitters for May insyd. We dey hope say we go communicate dis afta de public announcement of scholarships wey dem give menners wey apply, wey we schedule say ego come out for May insyd. De programming subcommittee go dey in touch plus you so say dem go develop de Wikimania 2023 program.

I did not apply for travel scholarship. Will I automatically get a travel scholarship if my program submission is qualified?

If you selected Onsite in Singapore on the session format and you did not apply for a Wikimania Travel Scholarship, the organizers will presume you will travel to Singapore on your own expense and present at the conference. This is of course modifiable if you decide to present virtually instead.
Before the expected announcement in May, the Program Subcommittee and Scholarship Subcommittee will meet and sync their data. If a program submission applicant ticked the box that says I have applied for a Wikimania Travel scholarship, the Program Subcommittee will check with the Scholarship Subcommittee to see if the program submission applicant is awarded a travel scholarship. If the program submission applicant is listed as a Wikimania travel scholar, Program Subcommittee will inform the program submission applicant that they will be presenting in Singapore. If the program submission applicant was not awarded a travel scholarship, the Program Subcommittee will contact the program submission applicant to see whether a different session format, such as remote participation or video on demand, might be a better fit. A program submission applicant may also have an option to still present in Singapore under their own travel arrangement.

Sam speaker training go dey for Wikimania 2023 anaa?

Yes, sam speaker training go dey, wey we go notify speakers about de schedule.

Ago find more resources for wiki top for dis topic anaa?

You go fit find oda resources den guidelines for dis wiki top.

I get more questions wey dem no dey dis FAQ insyd.

If you get oda questions wey dem no dey de FAQ insyd, you go fit email de program subcommittee for: wikimania(_AT_)wikimedia.org anaa make you san add your questions for de help page top.