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When indicating your language(s), note the convention about denoting language level in Wikimedia projects:

  • If you speak a language natively and perfectly, just write the language code, without adding a number. For example, if your native language is Indonesian , just write "id" or "id-N" to signify a native fluency level.
  • For specifying non-native knowledge of a language, you can add a number next to the language code. The meaning of each number is as follows:
    • 1. Basic ability: enough to understand written material or simple questions in this language.
    • 2. Intermediate ability: enough for wiki editing or discussions.
    • 3. Advanced level: you can write in this language with no problem, although occasionally small errors might occur.
    • 4. "Near-native" level: although it's not your first language from birth, your fluency with it is similar to that of a native speaker.
    • 5. Professional proficiency: For example, you studied this language academically, or you are a professional translator.

Country Username Languages Arrival Departure Comment
US United States Jeremysayspeace en-5, es-2 Aug 6th? Aug 11th? I will definitely attend. This will be my 1st Wikimania and second time in Poland.
FR France Hugo en résidence en-5, fr-N, zh-4 Aug 5th Aug 12th Wikimedian in résidence at Toulouse Université, Lingua Libre (audio vocabularies), Lingua Libre/SignIt (Sign Languages videos).
TN Tunisia Csisc ar-N, en-4, fr-5, it-2 Aug ?th Aug ?th I will definitely attend the Conference and I will try to share insights into building a community of Wikidata contributors in the Middle East and Africa.
GR Greece NikosLikomitros el-N, en-5, de-1, ru-1 Aug ?th Aug ?th I will attend the conference, where I am planning to connect and share experiences with many other communities and Wikimedians. My special interests are education, community and future of the movement. This is my first Wikimania so I am very excited about it.
SE Sweden Ainali sv, en-3 2024-08-06(?) Still unclear This will be my 16th Wikimania.
NG Nigeria Bukky658 en-3, yo-N Aug ?th Aug ?th This will be my first in-person Wikimania experience.
DE Germany Gereon K. de-N, en-5 Aug ?th Aug ?th This will be my 11th Wikimania.
HK Hong Kong Borschts zh, en-3, ja-2 Aug ?th Aug ?th I will likely attend. This will be my first in-person Wikimania.
CZ Czech Republic Janbery cs, en-4 Aug ?th Aug ?th My 2nd Wikimania, volunteering for the Communications team this year.
PT Portugal Waldyrious pt, en-4, es-1, kea Aug 4th? Aug 11th? My second Wikimania in Poland! Themes of interest: Technology/Hackathon, Wikidata, Wikisource, maps, software translation, future of the movement, interactive content (e.g. AI, 3D).
CA Canada OhanaUnited en, zh Aug 5th? Aug 11th? My third Wikimania in-person Wikimania (fifth in total). Will be focusing on sister project growth and expansion.
BRL Unknown country XenoF pt, en-3, es-2 2024-08-06(?) Aug 11th? This will be my 1st Wikimania.
US United States Abzeronow en, fr-2, es-1, de-1 2024-08-05 Aug 13th First Wikimania, first time in Europe
CA Canada Doc James en, fr-2 Aug 6th? Aug 11th Work on a lot of healthcare stuff. Also VideoWiki, translation, Our World in Data intergration, CT scan viewer tech, and offline access
Ir Iran Darafsh fa, en Aug 6th Aug 11th
PL Poland NatPink pl, en-5, de-3, es-2 before Aug 7th after Aug 11th I am a local lingustic professional with experience in international cooperation. A staunch Wiki supporter and occasional editor. First Wikimania for me.
DE Germany Hogü-456 de, en before Aug 6th after Aug 11th
PH Philippines Sky Harbor en, tl, es-4, zh-2, pl-2, fr-1, he-1, ja-1 August 5 August 10 Super excited to come! This is my seventh Wikimania, but the first physical one in six years. Will be glad to share more about credibility and disinformation, movement and community building (especially in Asia), and experiences with being a minority on some of our largest Wikipedias.
NA Namibia Pgallert de, en, af-3 Aug 5 or 6 Aug 11 Happy to talk about indigenous knowledge, Incubator use, oral citations, and everything else
UK United Kingdom Metacladistics en Aug 6th? Aug 11th? This will be my 3rd Wikimania, after Stockholm 2019, and London 2014
AM Armenia Armenmir hy, en, ru Aug 5th Aug 11th This will be my 2nd in-person Wikimania, following Singapore 2023. I'll be delighted to discuss alternative sourcing of Wiki ideas and projects and cooperation with the Armenian wikicommunity and WikiGraphers.
AM Armenia A.arpi.a hy-N, en-2, ru-2 Aug 5th Aug 11th This is my first offline Wikimania. I'm looking forward to discussing education and collaborative efforts on Wikipedia.
DE Germany ToBeFree en-3, de Aug 7th Aug 11th Normally at de:WP:WikiCon; trying Wikimania this time. One per year is enough though. 🙂
IT Italy CAPTAIN RAJU bn, it-2, en-3, hi-4, es-5 Aug 6th Aug 11 2nd Wikimania,after Stockholm 2019.3rd time in Poland.
BE Belgium Geertivp nl, en-5, fr-3, de-1, es-1 Aug 5th Aug 12 1st Wikimania, never been in Poland.
MA Morocco Ideophagous ary, en-5, fr-5, ar-5, de-3 Aug 6 Aug 12 First Wikimania, third time in Poland.
GB United Kingdom Kholoudsaa ar, en 6 Aug 10 Aug 1st Wikimania, never been in Poland.