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2023:Program/Legacy format

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The information on this site is not regularly synchronized with Pretalx. Please use the main program site for an up to date schedule.

Tuesday, August 15, Pre-conference workshops, no live streaming

No livestream out to virtual event platform. Speakers can still dial-in to present remotely.

Tuesday, August 15
Time UTC+8
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Room 309 Room 310 Room 311 Room 324 Room 325 Room 326
HACKATHON OPENING Wikidata Basics: A Workshop for Beginners Movement Strategy and Governance Discussions Movement Charter Drafting Committee Closed Session
Igbo Wikimedia Community Movement Charter Ambassadors conversation : In retrospect
HACKATHON REGULAR PROGRAMMING SPARQL: access and analyze data from Wikidata Movement Strategy and Governance Discussions Movement Charter Drafting Committee Closed Session
HACKATHON REGULAR PROGRAMMING Introduction to Open Data: Tools and Techniques for Data Sharing and Collaboration Movement Strategy and Governance Discussions Movement Charter Drafting Committee Open Session
Wikimedia 2030 Strategy - Hubs: A joint framework on working together, but apart
Creating a Lexeme Database from Scratch
The future of East African Regional and Thematic Hub (EARTH)
Strengthening Collaboration among Turkic-Speaking Countries on Wikimedia Projects: Sharing Experiences and Proposing a Hub Implementation
Movement Strategy and Governance Discussions
Using Wikibase and Wikidata for Community Archives
Room clear for Muslim prayer
TREFFEN DEUTSCHER WIKIMEDINER Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Stakeholder meeting Wiktionary Basics Workshop / WikiKata Bulan Bahasa AFTERNOON BREAK / Muslim Prayer 2nd Wikimedia ESEAP Summit MEETUPS
Data use and reuse: Unlocking the Potential of Frictionless Data for Wikidata
Updating the Open Definition to meet the challenges of today MEETUPS
END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Other hacking activities at Village Hotel Function Room END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Self organized activities by community

Wednesday, August 16

Wednesday, August 16
Time UTC+8
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Plenary Hall, Halls 401/402 Room 309 Room 310 Room 311 Room 324 Room 325 Room 326
Portable Museum and low-cost digitization with mobile phones for GLAM collections WIKIMANIA HACKATHON 2023 DAY 2 Wikipedia Basics Workshop The WikiWomen Summit Opening Remarks Networking for introverts: How to make the most of this conference 2nd Wikimedia ESEAP Summit Designing equitable decision-making in the Wikimedia Movement
Using LLMs to Overcome Bias: An Experiment
Art+Feminism West African Indigenous Language Program
VisibleWikiWomen Lab: fostering multilingual and decolonizing structured data narratives on Wikimedia Commons
Workshop on Simple Digitization, Uploading and Indexing Public Domain text in Wikisource Wikipedia Basics Workshop WikiWomen Questions and Answers Communication skills for collaborative leadership 2nd Wikimedia ESEAP Summit Role Play the Future Roles and Responsibilities in the Movement
Contributing Women's Voices: The Wikiwomen Taiwan Journey
Femme et leadership dans les projets Wikimédia en Afrique: Wiki Wake Up Afrique une opportunité
Women and Gender Workshop - Organizing WikiWomen Meetups
Basics of Editing Wikisource Decentralizing power - how to organize and mobilize for an equitable movement
I am a (Wiki)woman in love
Collaborative on-wiki events planning at Women in Red's Virtual Ideas Cafe
WikiWomen Questions and Answers
Room clear for Muslim prayer
The WikiWomen Summit 2023 Wikimedia Commons Basics Workshop Punjabi Audiobooks Project How not to lose a volunteer after the first edit: volunteer retention strategies Collaboratively fixing automatic citations in Wikipedia with Web2Cit Mentoring new editors on Wikipedia
Wikisource in Uganda
Workshop on Manuscript Digitization of Wikisource Loves Manuscripts (showcase)
Internet-in-a-Box + Hardware Addons Grow a "Spore" on Wikispore: A Gardener's Guide to Wiki Founding
Helping Wikisource recognize handwritten documents
Using Kiwix as a tool to enhance equitable access to educational resources in Africa
The Future of Wikisource
Room clear for Muslim prayer
Wikimania 2023 Formal Opening Ceremony. Wikimedian of the Year 2023. END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Opening ceremony. Remote/ online meetups on Eventyay
END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups ongoing on Eventyay

Thursday, August 17

Thursday, August 17
Time UTC+8
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Plenary Hall, Halls 401/402 Room 309 Room 310 Room 311 Room 324 Room 325 Room 326 Room 307 (No livestreaming, No cameras)
MEETUPS Wikimedia Fundraising Messaging Workshop MEETUPS
Spotlight Lecture from the National Heritage Board, Singapore AI advancements and the Wikimedia projects Updates from AffCom “Enseñar con Wikipedia”: la experiencia de un MOOC en la Provincia de Rio Negro, Argentina Empowering senior citizens through Wikimedia: promoting digital literacy and preventing misinformation. What we do to reach out GLAM institutions in Indonesia Lessons from the Organizer Lab? How should we train the next generation of campaign organizers in the Wikimedia Movement Legal concerns: how the Movement can get the most out of WMF’s Legal team
Governance committees and the movement Wikipedia Education Program in primary schools for girls in Jordan Diverse inclusivity makes a healthy community: A helping hand From cross-linking multilingual articles to database entries, how does Wikidata link to the whole world's knowledge - Taiwan Experience
Wiki Loves Living Heritage Bazaar Regional Grants Committees Teaching with Wikidata: A Resource for Educators and Students Bashkir Wikipedia - 18 years of sustainable development "臺灣 GLAM 的 Wikidata 回顧與展望:以李梅樹紀念館與新樂園藝術空間為例"
ChatGPT vs. WikiGPT: Challenges and Opportunities in harnessing generative AI for Wikimedia Projects Improving Content Quality with ORES: A Demonstration of the Objective Revision Evaluation Service Tool Movement Charter Content Discussions Secrets of effective editing workshops Comparing Cultural Landscapes: Approaches to GLAM Projects in Argentina and Germany 台灣台語/閩南語/福建話/咱人話 (nan) tī 維基媒體計畫 ê 過去 kah 未來 Empowering Participation: A User-Centered Approach to Low-Stakes Edit-a-thons Evolving Legal and Human Rights Trends: a review of the risks and threats facing the movement
Dialogue and Decolonization: How to Future-Proof Open Arts and Open Culture
17 years of Cantonese Wikipedia, the Written Cantonese literary movement, and the Wikimedia movement Africa Knowledge Initiative: The ground work
Black Lunch Table: Pedagogy and Programming from 2019-present
How to edit Wikipedia of Paiwan?-- with the example articles of ethnoplants and traditional naming systems on lands.
Intensive Wikidata usage in Wikivoyage - problems, experiences, wishes
When the communities speak for themselves - how bring knowledge equity into policy discussions and advocacy activities?
The AID Project Experience: Indigenous people, Creativity, Culture and Knowledge through the lens of endangered Igbo dances Collaboration lab across regional
Preserving Puyuma Heritage Through Digitalization: A Case Study of Language Revitalization Efforts in Taiwan
State of machine learning on the Wikimedia projects Big ideas are small ideas WikiLearn: a learning and training space for the Wikimedia movement
Decolonizing knowledge — a perspective from the Ukrainian community 阿美族語維基介紹
OpenStreetMap and Wikimedia: Awesome Together! There's an App for that: a mobile-native way to interact with the movement Relaunch of Healthcare Translation Meet the Wikimedia Foundation and Endowment Boards Kulturbotschafterinnen und -Kulturbotschafter, a GLAM-approach in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) Passion and Perspectives: Policy Challenges and Opportunities for the Wikimedia Communities in the ESEAP WikiShtetl: Preserving the memories of lost communities What I learned from studying Wikipedia bias for 18 years
Creative uses of Wikimedia Commons for a better understanding of heritage!
Ukraine's Cultural Diplomacy Month 2023: three different years
WikiCite and Scholia for medicine and beyond “noGLAMorɚ” Further gamification of photo contests – the example of bike quests in Moldova Ethical Principles for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage from UNESCO: Wikimedia Commons Perspective
Giving Contexts to Places We Love - The Power of OpenStreetMap and Wikidata Recording voices and local languages with Lingualibre The Afrosounds Project
63% done - 365 climate edits
Fireside Chat with Wikimedia Foundation Executives Wikifunctions is here Let us upgrade medical practice with Wikidata Bridging the gap Building capacity: designing a train the trainer programme for your affiliate or community group Singapore editing Singapore-related articles The effects of IP address range blocking on contribution to the free knowledge What exactly does Trust and Safety do? A background, history, and explainer
Exploring the Relationship between Attitudes, Norms, and Contributory Behavior of Indonesian Wikipedia Users
IP Masking: Big Change to Protect Editor Privacy LBGT+ and Friendliness - What Do We Need and How Do We Do
Some Indonesian maps are ... problematic
Room clear for Muslim prayer
WIKIMANIA 2023 GROUP PHOTO WIKIMANIA HACKATHON UNCONFERENCE (DAY 3) Wikivibrance Meetup (pure remote from 8:30 to 9:00 UTC)
Youth Struggle, Strength, and Grace: Navigating Challenges in the Wikimedia movement through Collaboration and Support
MEETUPS Lessons from Regionalizing WikiForHumanRights and Next Steps Digital Safety Clinic
END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups ongoing on Eventyay END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Other hacking activities at Village Hotel Function Room END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups on Eventyay

Friday, August 18

Friday, August 18
Time UTC+8
(click to see local time)
Plenary Hall, Halls 401/402 Room 309 Room 310 Room 311 Room 324 Room 325 Room 326 Room 307 (No livestreaming, No cameras)
The future of CC licenses and public domain tools Kickstarting a Leadership Development Network Changemaker's toolbox - brainstorming introductory resources to campaigning and advocacy Improving user experience for the English Wikipedia's copyright cleanup scene What makes some wiki communities more subject to governance capture Iberoconf 2023: lo que nos dejó como experiencia organizar una conferencia regional Detailed dimensions of History The Role of Wikipedia in Personalizing The Music Education Process
Social and Language Influence in Wikipedia Articles for Deletion Debates The whole GLAM package: a workflow for turning the richness of GLAM knowledge and collections into great wiki contribution
Co-creating platforms and products: how the Wikimedia Cloud Services team works with the larger Wikimedia technical community to build and maintain Cloud VPS, Toolforge, Quarry, PAWS, and more One path or many? Policy development and diffusion across Wikipedia language editions Wikimedia Foundation's Environmental Sustainability (Carbon Footprint) Report 2022
Decolonizing knowledge through languages: why making Wikimedia more multilingual and multimodal matters What I've learned from my 5-years PhD journey: Exploring Wikidata as a learning platform L'actu sur Wikipédia Community Archives in Singapore
A missing piece of the puzzle – Hands-on support for content partnerships through the Helpdesk at the Content Partnerships Hub Language preservation: From writing on Wikipedia to writing a novel From State Censorship to State Sponsorship: How We Organized a Seven-Month Edit-a-Thon with a State Agency
Growth Hacking and Future-Proofing Your Community
Inspirational lecture from UNESCO Division Office, Jakarta Wikimedians of the Caribbean (Wiki Cari) Present : a Proposal for the Wiki Organizational Alliance for Small Island States (WikiOASIS) Surpassing RfCs: how to improve the governance of large software changes Supporting moderators at the Wikimedia Foundation Bridge the Digital Language Divide: Can Machine Translation Narrow Knowledge Gap? Internet Archive: The Annual Wikimania Update Why tackling climate change needs open science and culture When public becomes private and everybody is a suspect - freedom of expression in early 21st century
WikiLontar Project and the next of Balinese Wikisource 100,000 institutions on the Wikimedia projects: A new strategy to activate in a simple way all the institutions around the world Wikitongues: Preserving Language Diversity and Empowering Communities through Language Documentation
Modelling, mapping and bridging knowledge gaps in gender and diversity Exploring the Potential of Wikimedia Commons to Promote OER Among Educators in Indonesia The invisible tax of free knowledge: Evidence from the Wikimedia projects Let’s get closer - Let us show you how you can already benefit from Wikidata in your Wikimedia project and chat about how to make it even better
WikiTirta: Digitizing, Mapping Historical Places of self-purification in Bali and Preserving Culture
Assessing and promoting open content in cultural institutions: the "Culture Libre" label
Wiki Loves Local Laws too Sister projects: the past, present and glorious future West African Media Literacy Project
Let's put policy in peoples' hands Sharing insights from the UK's first residency for Climate Learn and discuss with member of the Wikimedians in Residence Exchange Network
Wikiboses: Preservation of Languages in the Philippines
Commons Photographers User Group : Programs & Initiatives
Question and Answer to ESEAP Plenary
State of Wikimedia Research 2022-2023 Beyond editing – How visible are multipliers, community leaders and organizers, why are they important and how can their visibility be increased? A new approach to contributor growth in Africa Discuss improvements to our collective decision-making processes for software releases Wikipedia and the Aotearoa NZ History Curriculum Mentorship as a Pathway to Tool Sustainability Scaling Wikidata Query Service - unlimited access to all the world’s knowledge for everyone is hard Open up! Stories and lessons from copyright advocacy across the Wikimedia movement
100 000 Photo Memories – museums and Wikimedians in synergy A Nation's Dissertations: The New Zealand Thesis Project Offline Education Discussion
Increasing Language Diversity on Wikimedia projects Attributing the sum of all human knowledge: WikiCite discussion
Building an Initiative for a UNESCO Recommendation on Open Culture Local Wikipedia Groups - history, context and place
International Decades of Indigenous Languages (IDIL)-related Celebration Wikispecies and Wikidata: Where next? The Case for NC Commons Free reliable sources! Getting the most out of The Wikipedia Library Support for new and small wikis: from 2006 to 2023 and the future Engaging With Underrepresented Languages Local meetingpoints for the community wikidata for Korean Qitems
Joining forces: Partnering with intergovernmental organizations creates new opportunities for the Wikimedia movement How to free copyrighted media for Wikimedia Tamazight in Wikimadia projects Wikidata for Education The effects of policy: Reforms, processes and outcomes in Wikipedia
The wondrous world of Wikibase. Empowering Wikidata and Wikipedia with Generative AI: Unlocking the Potential of Scholarly Publications Open Future Design Workshop A room with a view: inside NPOV reasoning in a Wikipedia community
Add your country to the Wikidata Govdirectory Aperçu de la communauté des wikimédiens du Togo Wikipedia Administrative Pages Analytics: An Research Project To Understand Admin Pages
It's on Meta, but discoverable – organizational knowledge in a structured form
Clear room for Muslim Prayer Insights from Wikimedia Commons: Gender and cultural diversity in images
Lightning Talk Showcase Opening Segment and Showcase on Community Initiatives, Community Initiatives, Equity and Community Health MEETUPS WIKIMANIA HACKATHON UNCONFERENCE (DAY 4) Afrika Baraza WikiCafé: A New Approach to Onboarding New Developers
A tree where roots meet: Wikimedians of Turkic Languages User Group
Motivating volunteers and retaining newcomers – case study of Wikimedia Ukraine’s “wiki condensed milk” program
Rethinking diversity and inclusion : A Ugandan experience WIKIMEDIA AFFILIATIONS COMMITTEE (AffCom) MEETING
Creando comunidades desde y para el sur global: el caso de Wikimedia Colombia
Lightning Talk Showcase on Equity, Community Health and Education
Exploring the feasibility of Wikimedia Projects in addressing the triple planetary crisis - Perespective from the Global South
Presentación del Libro WikiEducación. Prácticas y experiencias educativas en México con Wikipedia y otros recursos abiertos
La construcción colaborativa del patrimonio científico y cultural en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia, a través del uso de Wikipedia.
How to expand the Education Program Partnership in your local community
Lightning Talk Showcase on Technology, Advocacies, and ESEAP (East, South East Asia, and the Pacific) Region
Sign Languages of the world : increase mutual understanding with Lingualibre SignIt.
A Survey of Freedom Of Panorama (FOP) in the Philippines
Contests 101: Wikimedia Indonesia experiences organizing unique competitions
Age-Verification on Wikimedia Projects
Lightning Talk Showcase on Linked Open Data, Research, Science and Medicine MEETUPS Commons Categorizer Meetup 2023
Taboo Articles
Wikimedians as information intermediaries for COVID-19
Another year for Partnering Up for Wikidata! Collaborations for Wikidata Software Development
PopulationFromWikidata' module for place articles
Lightning Talk Showcase on Linked Open Data, and Wild Ideas
Wikidata Software Collaboration project, first year retrospective from Wikimedia Indonesia
Cross-Lingual Collaboration: Breaking Language Barriers for Global Knowledge Sharing
Wikipedia et travail : des concepts-clés
The knowledge is there and then ?!
END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups ongoing on Eventyay END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Other hacking activities at Village Hotel Function Room END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups on Eventyay

Saturday, August 19

Saturday, August 19
Time UTC+8
(click to see local time)
Plenary Hall, Halls 401/402 Room 309 Room 310 Room 311 Room 324 Room 325 Room 326 Room 307 (No livestreaming, No cameras) Room 308 (Tools Lab/ Hacking Space, No livestreaming, No cameras)
The participation at future Wikimania Duplicating Everywhere All at Once What we can learn from large commercial users Cartografías Abiertas: una plataforma colaborativa junto a los pueblos originarios de Chaco Ver-o-peso market tour: Bringing Amazonian culture to the Wikimedia projects Wikipustaka, Wikipabukon, and Wikisumber - Four Wikisource Competitions and Their Results The Future of Wiki in Education: What we've learned from the EDUWiki Conference in May and next steps Technology Collaboration Unconference
Wikinoticias y su futuro en un mundo de desinformación
Código Cultura: jugar con las colecciones abiertas
OpenClimate: Massive Collaboration To Track Greenhouse Gas Emissions Lift Wing: WMF's machine learning model serving infrastructure Komunitas Wikimedia Banjar and their projects
semanticClimate: Making climate knowledge accessible using Wikidata AfroCROWD Talk on Wiki Diasporas Let's systematically back up all libraries in the world to Wikimedia Commons!
The Community Initiative 'Wiki Loves Literature' Resources for Incubator projects
The Importance of Real Transparency in Internet Platforms The Million Project The Future of the Wishlist Survey Wiki Loves Earth International — 10 years of experience Exploring the Values That Will Shape AI for a Better internet Changing Scientific Languages into Local Languages on Wikipedia (Case Study in Indonesia) Wikeys, a pedagogical game to discover Wikipedia Technology Collaboration Unconference
Wikimedia project policy - Cases from Sundanese and Indonesian Wikipedia
Capacity development for underrepresented communities: 10 lessons learnt Wiki Loves in Numbers
Index them all
Collaboration is the Key to Unlocking Innovation – A Cross-Affiliate Collaboration to Build an Innovation Format for the Movement Structured Data Across Wikimedia: Successes and Learnings The challenges of volunteer committees in the movement Community Initiatives in the East, South East Asia and the Pacific region
We sing for human knowledge": Using music to promote open knowledge projects and Wikimedia event Ideas for Wiki Loves Monuments: local contests, partnerships and usability
10 things Basques have done in the last 5 years: a review of our Education initiatives
Sharing EduWiki Stories with community leaders Wiki Loves Monuments organizers Q&A
Ask anything about the WIKIMEDIA SUMMIT, happening on April 2024 Turkic Wikimedians and Interested People Meeting
HACKATHON SHOWCASE How we use themed challenges to cover content gaps and activize the community of wikimedians Wiki Loves SDC – making cultural heritage photos more accessible together Reusing Open Data from various sources to assess gender inequality: from street and school eponyms, to researchers and research Driving Knowledge Equity: Fostering Partnerships for Collaborative Learning and Nationwide Engagement Engaging with Youth Archival Speech Data For The Win: How Archival Audio-Visual Recordings Could Help The Future Of The Wikimedia Movement WIKIMANIA STEERING COMMITTEE EXECUTIVE MEETING Let’s disagree together! A debate on a controversial topic
Integrating Our World in Data into Mediawiki
Television in Wikipedia - Internationalization of Wiki Loves Broadcast How do I create a community to support small Wikipedias? Edit-a-thons in higher education: implementation, competence and skill development opportunities
Data Partnerships and the Future of Linked Open Data
Wiki Loves Folklore - Five years of global campaign WikiSihat and WHO Seniors write Wikipedia - how to keep them engaged in the long term run?
What happened to Fiji-Hindi Community?
HACKATHON SHOWCASE & ITS CLOSING CEREMONY 10 Research Findings and How You Can Use Them in Your Work Wiki Loves Campaigns: When, Why and How? New'pedias: Rapid, iterative, automagical construction of large reference works Wiki Loves Names Project The Challenges of Developing Knowledge and Local Groups in French Oversea Territories in the Pacific Wikipedia Students Club - Experiment and Experience Wiki Training for Boarding School The Impact of Wikidata-powered Infoboxes on Minority and Low-resourced Language Wikipedias in Africa
How to use a thematic campaign to boost your affiliate's reach: the case of Wiki Loves Música Portuguesa Tyap Wikipedia: A Journey into Reality
Biodiversity in underrepresented languages using crowdsourcing
Wikitopia! In Three Easy Puzzle Pieces Livestreaming editing Wikipediplomacy: the story of Philippine diplomatic missions on Wikipedia, and how you can write them too!
GLAM Wiki Conference 2023: Help us build a roadmap for GLAM Wiki! Transforming Education in Nigeria: The Power of Reading Wikipedia Russia: editing Wikimedia projects in the time of cholera Wikidata pink pony session
Room cleared for Muslim prayer
END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups on Eventyay END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Closing ceremony. Remote/ online meetups on Eventyay END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups ongoing on Eventyay
END OF ONSITE ACTIVITIES. Remote/ online meetups ongoing on Eventyay