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This page contains my notes for Wikimania 2019, which I am attending remotely.

Icons[edit | edit source]

The notes occasionally contain emoticons, so that the page can be searched for them (by way of CTRL+F on most browsers/systems) more easily than one can search for things that are boldened or italicized.

These icons are:

  • ☃️: a snowman — highlights sessions I am involved in. I originally wanted to use a moose emoticon, since moose seem to be a thing at this Wikimania. But I could not find a moose emoticon (we've begun to explore what that would entail), and I like the snowman because these things while cute do not build themselves.
  • 🎯: direct hit — highlights things that are very relevant to me and that I plan to follow up on.

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  • see 2019:Video for details (which I have largely replicated here, albeit in a different arrangement)

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My schedule[edit | edit source]

I am at work this week, one continent and 6h of time difference away, so can only follow loosely. This means that the order of my notes within a day is not chronological but largely determined by availability of remotely accessible resources (videos, slides, media files, tweets, etherpads etc.), modulated by my interests.

Wednesday 14 August[edit | edit source]

Thursday 15 August[edit | edit source]

  • Hackathon, with work around Scholia and WikiCite

Friday 16 August[edit | edit source]

Welcome session[edit | edit source]

Keynote[edit | edit source]

Free Knowledge and the Sustainable Development Goals - Spotlight Session[edit | edit source]

Liv Inger Somby: The Importance of Indigenous Languages[edit | edit source]
Ryan Merkley: Where open and the SDGs converge[edit | edit source]
Karin Holmgren: Open science and education for sustainable life[edit | edit source]
Tyler Radford: Mapping the world we want[edit | edit source]
  • Video: (about 1:10h in)
    • three sample stories of community engagement in Tanzania and Uganda
    • states that there may be up to a million people living in unmapped places
    • mentions an AI (from Facebook?) that helps with extracting OSM features from satellite images
    • combining satellite imagery with engagement on the ground is crucial
      • e.g. to find out the name of a road in an unmapped area or what a shop on it is selling, the shopkeeper is likely to know better than satellite data
        • so it's important to get more and more people to contribute open knowledge
    • presents an OSM adaptation 🎯 of the Wikimedia vision:
      We envision a world where
      • Everyone is counted
      • Map data is accessible and used in decisions
      • that save and improve lives
      • Everyone can engage and contribute to the map
    • GlobalPartnership for Sustainable Development Data has funded OSM to produce a guide on crowdsourcing geospatial data to help assess progress towards the SDGs
  • (with typo in hashtag)
John Cummings: What could Wikimedia’s relationship be to the Global Goals and the UN?[edit | edit source]
Emanuel Karlsten Death and resurrection of Journalism:[edit | edit source]
Mark Graham: Toward Universal Access to All Knowledge[edit | edit source]
  • Video: (about 2:40 h in)
  • Some background on Internet Archive
  • Describes Controlled digital landing
  • Maps Internet Archive activities to SDGs 🎯
  • Big idea:
    • Every Book
      Every Academic Paper
      Every Web Page
      should just be a click away
      Please join us to make this a reality 🎯
    • To follow-up on the Wikimedia my end: how can I get my user pages on Wikimedia sites indexed? They are normally excluded by robots.txt
Nice video ad for #WikiGap[edit | edit source]
Annika Söder: Implementing the 2030 Agenda[edit | edit source]

2019:Research/Discovering and Analyzing Wikimedia Images[edit | edit source]

What we know about newcomers and how to nurture them[edit | edit source]

URL shortener: How something so simple can be so complicated[edit | edit source]

Everyone gets one - Wikibase and the Wikibase Ecosystem[edit | edit source]

Let's completely change how templates work[edit | edit source]

Structured Data on Wikimedia Commons for GLAM-Wiki[edit | edit source]

Strengthening Human Rights through Wikimedia[edit | edit source]

Education space Keynote I: EDUWiki & OERs + discussion on OERs and their place in the Wikiverse[edit | edit source]

Let's completely change how wiki links work[edit | edit source]

2019:Multimedia knowledge/360° photography[edit | edit source]

2019:Health/Offline Health Resources - expanding content for Internet in a Box[edit | edit source]

The Smithsonian: A Partnership to Improve Gender Representation Online[edit | edit source]

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Evening meetups[edit | edit source]

Saturday 17 August[edit | edit source]

WikiCite meetup[edit | edit source]

Sunday 18 August[edit | edit source]

Sessions I am involved in[edit | edit source]

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These sessions are marked in bold in the schedule above, as well as with a snowman (☃️).

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