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16–19 August 2023, Singapore

Wikimania.svg Wikimania nyɛla yuuni kam chuɣu shɛli bɛ ni puhira zaŋ jɛndi baŋsim yoli yoli bayana niŋbu shɛŋa din yi Wikimedia FoundationCommons Wikimedia Commons, MediaWiki MediaWiki, Meta-Wiki Meta-Wiki, Wikibooks Wikibooks, Wikidata Wikidata, Wikinews Wikinews, Wikipedia Wikipedia, Wikiquote Wikiquote, Wikisource Wikisource, Wikispecies Wikispecies, Wikiversity Wikiversity, Wikivoyage Wikivoyage, Wiktionary Wiktionary – ka mali chuɣu maa dabisa, shaawara gbaabu nima, laɣinsi, ni baŋsim wuligibu laɣin gbahi. ninvuɣ' tuha ban tohiri sabira Wikipedia ni baŋsim yoli yoli bayana niŋdi baba toondaan nima ban bɛ andunia boba ni yaɣa zaa laɣindi mi na ni bɛ ti gbaai shaawara nima, ka zaŋ baŋsim pala n wuhi taba, ka lahi dɛhi baŋsim tabi sani.

This 18th edition will be a collaboration among volunteers, chapters and user groups of the Wikimedia East, Southeast Asia and the Pacific (ESEAP).

Wikimania 2023 will run from 16–19 August in Singapore.

There are 28 weeks, 4 hours, 47 minutes and 4 seconds until Wikimania 2023. (refresh)

This year’s theme is Diversity. Collaboration. Future.

  • Diversity. Wikimania will be an opportunity to showcase ESEAP as an example of inclusion: different volunteer groups, individuals, and affiliates, at different stages of development, different cultures but closely involved in an equitable way.
  • Collaboration. As a distributed growth mechanism, Wikimania will be a way to learn and share new knowledge like tools usage, organizing events / online campaigns, solving a Wiki-related problem and many others.
  • Future. Wikimania is also significant to many Wikimedians as Wikimania 2023 will also be a forum to discuss implementing the Wikimedia Movement Strategy (#Wikimedia2030) and discuss other future-thinking topics.

Next office hours

Office hours to ask questions about Scholarships(closes 5 Feb AoE) and other general Wikimania related topics:

16:00 UTC 2 February meeting link
23:00 UTC 3 February meeting link

Please add your questions to: 2023:Help desk

If you have a suggestion or idea to be introduced in the 18th edition of Wikimania,
visit the ideas page.