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About Wikimania 2022

Wikimania be de Wikimedia movement hin annual conference wey dem dey celebrate all de free den open knowledge projects dem make possibly by de volunteer. From August 11-14, dis year hin Wikimania go bring Wikimedians together so say dem go create, celebrate den connect, virtually den plus in-person components. E go be four days of gathering, discussions, meetups, training, den workshops so say dem go discuss issues, report for fresh projects top den approaches, den exchange ideas.

De theme give dis year hin virtual Wikimania be “The Festival Edition”. We go come together to spotlight projects den movement groups den celebrate de diversity for wanna vast community. Dem go fi sum Wikimania: The Festival Edition! for three words inside: e go be fun, alive, den vibrant; e go be regional, dey shine light for communities across de movement top through de festivities; e sanso go welcome newcomers, e go dey create safe place give first-time attendees wey go dey illuminate den inspire.

Make you register!

Registration give de virtual Wikimania go run through de end of Wikimania for August 14, 2022. Local in-person events fi get dema own registration processes.

We dey job plus service providers wey go bring you Wikimania 2022. We beg make you read de Wikimania 2022 privacy statement for more information.

Wikimania 2022 In-person events