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16–19 August 2023, Singapore and Online
Diversity. Collaboration. Future.

Ar ttmmal tasna ad d ar ttcraḥ tizigzt n taggazin n Tmrslt n Wikimidya (WMF). Llant kra n trubba d tmrsal yaḍnin lli akkanin taggazin ɣd nttnti.

Rad tḥafḍ Wikimanya 2023 f tɣarast nna s ttuskarn mnnaw n imjṛitn lli zrinin, tili gisn ula tɣarast nna s rad izigz asutr d tikki n taggazin. I usggʷas ad n 2023, rad ifk Ugraw n Usnmala n tsila (da as nttini Core Organising team (COT) s tnglizit) kigan n wanawn n taggazin:

  1. Amuddu s Sanɣafura: Taggazt ihiyyan d tad ur ihiyyin s sin. Zun d ukan taẓrigt n 2020, rad ilin kra n ccṛuḍ.
    1. Taggazt ihiyyan rad tdl amuddu, tazduɣt d uzmmem.
    2. Taggazt ur ihiyyan rad tdl ɣar tazduɣt d uzmmem ṣafi.
  2. Imjṛitn n usatil: tirubba n isntay rad dfɛan dar tizigzt n WMF, iẓḍaṛ COT ad yasi inmran itiqniyn i isɣwan n usrid n Wikimanya.

All full and partial scholars will have the option to do volunteer tasks during Wikimania, as volunteers scholars will also be covered by WMF Travel Insurance policy. The volunteers could include 2 hours on an Expo table, room angel (etherpad notes, share online questions to speakers), or uploading session videos to Commons. Volunteering for 2 or more hours will also be considered as sufficient to not require a written report, and will be subject to verification by the Scholarship team during Wikimania.

Isakudn istawhmmann

Asktur n usays n taggazt n WMF iga mk ad:

Isutrn n taggazt n umuddu

  •  Done Annuṛẓm: Akwas 12 innayr 2023.
  •  Done Ttmi n usutr i taggazin: Asamas 5 xubrayr 2023 dar .
  •  Done Phase 1 eligibility assessment by the WMF Trust & Safety: mid-February (no notification about the outcome)
  •  Done Phase 2 in-depth evaluations by the Scholarship Committee: March
  •  Done Offers are being sent on a rolling basis to successful applicants: April 21 – May
  • Rad ttuɛlamn imnkadn s tɣtast tamggarut: Mayyu
  • Talgamt igiyyan n wid umẓnin taggazt rad tettufsar g Wikimanya Wiki: Mayyu

For further details on the application requirements, evaluation, and to apply see: 2023:Scholarships/Travel Scholarship application

Imjṛitn n usatil

Satellite events can be scheduled and funded as part of the affiliate General Support Fund (GSF).

Wikimedia Affiliates may use funds already obtained through the Wikimedia Foundation General Support Fund to run a satellite event, even if a satellite event was not initially included in their GSF proposal. General Support Fund grantees have the ability to move funds around their budget as needed, and, per the General Support Fund agreement, the Foundation only requests that Program Officers be informed if that variance is more than 20% from the original proposal. We encourage all affiliates interested in hosting a satellite event to list their event details on the satellite event subpage, so that affiliates may coordinate between themselves, encouraging collaboration and connection amongst Wikimedians and to better promote their events.

  • Talgamt ihiyyan n imjṛitn g Yulyuz
  • Affiliates wanting to livestream into Wikimania should get in touch with the programming subcommittee of the Core Organizing Team at wikimania(_AT_)wikimedia.org as soon as they have the details of their event.
  • The Core Organizing Team will provide technical support for groups wanting to livestream into Wikimania.

Please use the talk page for discussing ideas.


Iɣ tram ad tssnm uggar f isuyas n taggazin n Tmrslt n Wikimidya, i rbbi kkat d tasna n isqsitn lli bahra ittusqsan.

Iɣ darun kra n usqsi mk nna ira ig t, i rbbi nyalkamat d: wikimania-scholarships@wikimedia.org nɣ ajjat kra n tbrat i: 2023 talk:Scholarships.