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2024:Chương trình

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⧫ Collaboration of the Open ⧫
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Kêu gọi đề suất chương trình cho Wikimania 2024

Tất cả các ứng viên đã được thông báo về kết quả nộp hồ sơ của họ. Vui lòng kiểm tra e-mail và thư mục spam của bạn.

Ngày và giờ

Main conference dates

  • Tuesday, 6 August: Tours and other activities around the city of Katowice. All-day hangout space at the Diament Plaza Hotel. No conference programming on this day. Some groups and committees may organize meetings for themselves.
  • Wednesday, 7 August: Regular programming at ICC Katowice from 9:00 until 17:00 local time. Opening ceremony including Wikimedian of the Year in the evening.
  • Thursday, 8 August: Regular programming at ICC Katowice from 9:00 until 17:45 local time. Evening activities.
  • Friday, 9 August: Regular programming at ICC Katowice from 9:00 until 17:45 local time. Evening poster session.
  • Saturday, 10 August: Regular programming at ICC Katowice from 9:00 until 17:45 local time. Closing ceremony and party in the evening.
  • Sunday, 11 August: Departures. Some activities around the city.

See the more detailed schedule grid below.

Proposed side event dates

Expected schedule

Expected Wikimania program schedule
Wed August 7 Thu August 8 Fri August 9 Sat August 10
Livestream + interpretation
whenever scheduled
9:00 – 9:45
(orientation session)
9:00 – 9:45
(keynote 1)

15:30 – 17:00
(lightning talk showcase 1)

17:15 – 17:45
(keynote 2)

9:00 – 9:45
(keynote 3)

15:30 – 17:00
(lightning talk showcase 2)

17:15 – 17:45
(keynote 4)

9:00 – 9:45
(keynote 5)

15:30 – 17:00

Breakout rooms (7 in total)
Livestream + interpretation in 4 rooms.
Livestream only in 2 rooms.
No livestream or interpretation in 1 room.
10:00 – 12:00
(session block A)

13:30 – 15:00
(session block B)

15:30 – 17:00
(session block C)

10:00 – 12:00
(session block A)

13:30 – 15:00
(session block B)

15:30 – 17:00
(session block C)

10:00 – 12:00
(session block A)

13:30 – 15:00
(session block B)

15:30 – 17:00
(session block C)

10:00 – 12:00
(session block A)

13:30 – 15:00
(session block B)

15:30 – 17:00
(session block C)

Large room WikiWomen Summit Hackathon
Main Hall
Livestream + interpretation
whenever scheduled
17:00 – 19:00
(opening and Wikimedian of the Year)
none Likely poster session 17:15 – 17:45
(handover and closing ceremony)

Please note that the schedule presented above may change.

Additional rooms will be allocated for:

  • Prayer rooms
  • Social spaces
  • Quiet room
  • Childcare room


Spirit of Wikimania 2024

Wikimania program orientation and Q&A session recording

This year's spirit is Collaboration of the Open. While preparing your submission, choosing potential topics and thinking about the audience, we ask you to consider the collaborative and open aspects of your topic(s).

What may the audience learn and/or how may they join your initiative? We would especially love to see submissions going beyond the existing groups, transcending the Wikimedia borders. We welcome submissions about open research, open data, open government – initiatives that may connect Wikimedians with the wide world, inspire others, and strengthen the impact of open knowledge. We also welcome submissions of people who can clearly see collaborations within Wikimedia groups, or even better, between Wikimedia groups and non-Wikimedians, collaborating in education, culture, technologies, governance, and more.

Program tracks

To make the program submissions easier to organize and review, we have suggested 12 program tracks. Think about which one best fits your program idea. If your submission applies to more than one track, you may specify a secondary track in the submission form.

  • Education – initiatives and programs in education and academia
  • GLAM – initiatives and programs in heritage and cultural conservation, collaborations with cultural institutions that include galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and more
  • Partnerships – initiatives pairing the Wikimedia movement and its activities with external institutions to produce beneficial results
  • Technology – product and technology in the Wikimedia movement
  • Community Engagement – the activities aimed at increasing the number of contributors, attracting new editors, making sure they are welcome and willing to stay for the ride
  • Community Health – issues related to retaining those editors and contributors that are already active. How to provide them with what they need to keep on contributing.
  • Research – research with topics relevant to Wikimedia and the spirit of Wikimania, as well as research that uses Wikimedia data and content
  • Diversity & Inclusion – making sure that Wikimedia projects appeal to as wide audience as possible, and can be edited by as wide group of contributors as possible, to cater for variety and to invite everyone
  • Legal & Advocacy – copyrights and digital accessibility, censorship and disinformation / misinformation, public policy and human rights
  • Open Data – initiatives in data use and reuse
  • Governance & Strategy (alternatively, Governance or Strategy) – discussions focused on structures and reform, key initiatives from the Movement Strategy
  • Wild Ideas – anything Wikimedia-related that does not fit well into any of the above or is so wild it needs a category of its own!

Session formats

We will support onsite, virtual, and hybrid sessions. We'll share more on the logistics side at a later date. Now though, we can confirm that:

  • Virtual sessions need to be recorded ahead of time
  • Both presenters and the audience may dial in to take part in hybrid sessions. However, live interactions between the remote and onsite participants may be limited.

Session types

  • Workshop (85 minutes) – interactive format to work out a solution or provide learning experiences
  • Demonstration (40 minutes) – live demonstration of e.g. a tool, possibly with interactive elements
  • Lecture (25 minutes)
  • Panel (55 minutes) – a discussion with a few contributors and an audience
  • Roundtable (40 minutes) – a discussion where everyone has equal right to participate
  • Lightning talk (5 minutes) – a quick presentation of a concept or story
  • Poster (time duration not applicable–will be part of shared poster session) – posters will need to be submitted as files once accepted
  • Other. Please specify in Notes section (25 minutes) – anything that does not fit into any of the above format

Những câu hỏi thường gặp

May my team of co-speakers be hybrid?


What types of sessions tend to be accepted? Where can I get inspiration for my session?

The Core Organizing Team is looking for sessions that illustrate the power of open collaboration. Creative, hands-on and interactive sessions are always encouraged.

The most helpful way to get inspiration for your session is by reviewing accepted sessions from previous Wikimanias. You can browse session videos from Wikimania 2023 or view the program in legacy format. The program is also available for 2022, 2021 and 2019.

What if my idea submission does not get accepted, what can I do instead?

Think about contributing pre-recorded short video content to be made available on-demand or creating a 1 to 3-minute short video presenting your topic like a virtual poster session.

Khi nào tôi mới biết ý tưởng của mình có được chấp nhận hay không?

Bắt đầu từ tháng Năm.

Cụ thể hơn, chúng tôi mong muốn xem xét nội dung gửi vào tháng 4 và bắt đầu thông báo kết quả với người gửi vào tháng 5.

Tôi không nộp đơn xin học bổng. Liệu tôi có nhận được học bổng nếu chương trình đăng ký tham gia khóa học tại chỗ của tôi đủ điều kiện không?


Sẽ có đào tạo diễn giả?


Selected speakers will receive an invitation to participate in a speaker training closer to Wikimania. They will also receive a speaker guidebook with helpful tips and tricks for building their session.

Chúng tôi sẽ thông báo cho diễn giả về lịch trình.

Liên hệ / Trợ giúp / Tôi có câu hỏi chưa được trả lời trên trang này.

  • Write an email message to wikimania(_AT_)wikimedia.org.
  • We kindly request not to send us questions on social media – we use the profiles on Facebook, Twitter etc. to keep you updated, but we don't check their inboxes very often.

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